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Thread: Spoke to the DWP today Flymo please read.

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    Spoke to the DWP today Flymo please read.

    I have just spoken to the DWP and was told that they had made a decision on my PIP reconsideration and had been awarded the enhanced rate for both care and mobility. You could have knocked me over with a feather I fully expected to have to go to tribunal.
    I want to thank everyone on here for there support but particularly Flymo without whom I am sure I wouldn't have been successful. His explanations and patience were invaluable. I wouldn't have approached the whole reconsideration process in the right manner. I had fallen into the trap of thinking that it was enough just to prove I was unwell and not how my illness affected me.
    I strongly urge anyone starting this process to read the stickies and to take any advice that Flymo generously offers. It is the best advice I could have received.

    I can now concentrate on my health, so thank-you again. If I can offer any support to any one I would be more than happy.


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    I'm appreciative of your thanks, but it's you that did the hard work, Helen! Congratulations on the award - that's a brilliant outcome considering you started out with no points at all despite a clear history of neurological problems that I could relate to from my own problems.

    It will be interesting to know how many points you finished up with, how accurately you think the points and summary reasons reflect the problems you described, and how long the award is for. All will become clear when you have the decision letter. There's a large chunk of back money coming your way - probably right back to the day you phoned to start your PIP claim. It's going to be in the thousands.

    I also understand very well the thing about being able to step out of the "benefits bubble" and concentrate on life - it's a huge relief. PIP, and DLA before it, make you focus on what you can't do. Ordinarily, we look over the everyday difficulties and concentrate on living. Normally, I'm trying my best to forget about accidents on the way to the loo, not record what happened as an example of the problems I have with my toilet needs.

    I had a suspicion that reconsideration might come good for you, because you put a lot of thought and hard work into presenting the issues clearly for the decision maker. The complete turn round in the result underlines that reconsideration is genuinely a fresh decision, taking into account any additional material from the claimant. DWP don't want to go to tribunal unnecessarily - if the evidence is sufficiently clear at reconsideration, benefit should be awarded.

    Don't forget to store all that hard work safely, as you might have to renew at some point in the future. Having what you wrote last time is a great start, even if both the criteria and your health have changed over time. It's probably worth requesting a copy of your PIP records to make sure you've got everything relating to this decision in your files - DWP do cull information from their files after time which might be useful to read when preparing for a renewal.

    I must remember to link this thread and the original one to the sticky thread, because they show two important things - that a good reconsideration submission can change the outcome completely, also the importance of explaining clearly how your condition affects your ability to carry out the PIP activities.

    People are pretty good at explaining their health problems and their symptoms, often supporting those explanations with copious evidence. After all, most people with any sort of chronic condition are used to explaining their symptoms and history at numerous health appointments. They're used to being asked any questions the health professional needs to put that information into context, or to fill any gaps.

    With benefits, it's very different. The decision is made largely on the papers in front of the decision maker. Decision makers now have the ability to phone the claimant and ask a few questions. However, if there's lots of detail missing and they don't have a clear picture of the claimant's problems with the activity, they have to decide not to award the points.

    If you have any time and energy to pop in and help others with the "lightbulb moment" of focusing on explaining the problems they have (or would have) with the PIP activities as clearly and accurately as possible, you would certainly be helping the community. Indeed, the same approach works for ESA - if you're arguing to get more points or that you meet one of the Support Group criteria, the same sort of careful "painting a picture" structured approach works, even though the underlying law is somewhat different.

    I have the advantage of an ongoing legal education (back to fatal accidents in a few minutes...). However, I'd class the biggest problem people face with PIP as failing to present their case to best advantage - exactly the area where you changed your approach for reconsideration to such good effect.
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    Thank you for your response,
    It will be interesting and helpful to read the decision letter, as this would help me determine which of the points I made were deemed relevant and sufficient.
    I would be delighted if I could help anyone on this forum as you are right I understand how it feels to believe that there is some sort of conspiracy working against you. The fact that I have as you say, gone from no points to 12 or more for both care and mobility, demonstrates that it can be done. I would however reiterate that the best thing I did was to print out your sticky and went over and over it which allowed me to distance myself from the personal aspect. I asked myself how would I explain the difficulties if I were doing it for someone else instead of me?


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    I'm so happy for you Perditaf. What a result!!! Its so unfortunate that you've had to go through all this, but the fact that you and Flymo have explained every step taken will really help others on this site for PIP and ESA.
    I had already saved your thread to go alongside Flymos sticky, in my own personal Folders and they really are invaluable and im sure I will benefit from them in the future.

    Flymo, you really are a Godsend, and far too modest. You really should feel incredibly proud of yourself for all the people you've already helped and those you will no doubt help in the future. Coping with a disability can be hard enough, without the stresses that the benefit system brings and you make it that much easier to understand and cope with and also help make us feel more confident.

    How you manage to do all you do here and at university while coping with your own disabilities, is nothing short of incredible.

    We are so lucky to have you.
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    Hi Galeforce81.
    Thank you for your lovely comments they mean a lot. As for your comments about Flymo I couldn't agree more and I hope he does realize how much he is appreciated. I agree I don't know how he manages to find the time and patience to help us all. I wish that he and his girlfriend finally find a way to live together as I don't know a more deserving couple.


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    The decision letter showed 19 points for Daily Living and 16 points for Mobility, giving the enhanced rate of both components with points to spare (minimum of 8 points for standard rate, minimum of 12 points for enhanced rate).

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