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    slave labour

    I'm glad the government lost, but it won't be for long. There are loads of people working for nothing for big companies, and the Govt. have the nerve to say they have created loads of jobs.

    My daughter is working for a big company in an internship, she gets expenses for travelling to work but has to pay for her child to go to after school club, she does not live near me, which is not cheap, and they ask her to work all hours. She has a 1st class degree with honours and a masters with distinction, owes thousands for her degree, and they expect her to work for nothing for the "experience". My friends two sons have had two "internships" each and still have no job, at the end of the time they were told there were no jobs for them. These companies are taking people and having them work for nothing, then making huge profits!! I wonder why??!!

    I thought slavery was abolished in the 19th century, seems not!!

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    Well when you look at getting into government these days you have to go to University, then have to take a job basically classed as an unpaid internship for a year, then if your lucky they will give you a job as an adviser, this is really about finding you a task of which you can do for another years before your moved to a seat that you can fight.

    Labour have a dirty habit of doing this it got so bad last year we found dozens on interns working for Unions, my Union the GMB were told to end it at once which they did and I now believe most unions have said they will pay a wage.

    It's a disgrace, today I've been looking at other countries and how they do this task of interns and people who have been long times unemployed, in Germany France and Spain long term unemployed are Five years, then they are basically given retraining. But not like here your only doing 16 hours a week, here you will do a forty hour weeks and in some cases work overtime for your JSA, that is a disgrace.

    I'm all for retraining, education and getting people ready for work, but not on the cheap

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    I agree with you treborc, and these companies make huge profits on the backs of people working for nothing.

    Anyway she's had enough, she doesn't get JSA or anything like that, so she's going to tell them give me a job or I'm off, her husband supports her in all her decisions, and financially so it's not too hard for her, but working for free is wrong.

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    I think we are heading toward the EU idea of disability in Germany the idea is no matter how disabled you are you will work, the company is given tax breaks and the disabled person cannot be sacked without the permission of the job center.

    No disabled person is paid less then a non disabled person.

    So I phoned up my mate in Germany who said to day most disabled people are not working as the recession is hit and they are the first people out of the door.

    I asked him about working for free in training like working in shops, and he said no all unemployed have to go back to school education and re training in colleges and I asked him about interns and he said oh no they are paid

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