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Thread: Not for profit charity offering affordable mobility aids

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    Red face Not for profit charity offering affordable mobility aids

    I'm not selling, I'm not a supplier of any sort, I just thought it would help some here to know about the not for profit charity my son works for. The website is down right now, my son is currently working to get that up and running as soon as possible but you can find them on both Facebook and EBay or if you want to get information to purchase a product for yourself you could also contact them by Email -

    They're called -Brighter Future: service and repair of mobility equipment.

    What they do:

    Brighter Future Workshop is an award winning, not for profit charity specialising in recycling, repairing and reselling of mobility equipment. We also give the opportunity for young, disadvantaged and disabled people to work with us to help recycle the equipment that is donated.

    Our wide range of discounted stock includes disabled scooters, wheelchairs, tri-walkers, lifting aids, tyres and batteries for disability equipment and many other disability aids.

    Using donated and recycled mobility equipment, we train young disabled and disadvantaged people to learn how to find and fix mechanical and electrical faults. The young people who work with us gain a real sense of purpose and many social and practical skills in a supportive working environment.

    Its an amazing charity and the equipment is sold at lower prices that are more affordable for those that might not be able to afford new (they do sell new too) so its worth taking a look if you are in need of equipment.

    I'm a newbie here so I do hope this is OK to post here, but I'm only trying to help those who might benefit from the lower prices for equipment they may need.

    You can read a little about them here :
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    Let me know when the website is up and running again and I'll write a post promoting them on our site. This will also go into our twitter feed, and on our Facebook page so should generate come interest for them.

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