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Thread: Farewell Vivaldi ?

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    Farewell Vivaldi ?

    It has been reported on rightsnet that the PIP on-hold music has been changed.

    Apparently it's now Beethovens' 'Sonata’s tragic sonorities' (Sonata No.8, AKA 'The Pathétique').

    Is this some kind of 'in' joke?
    Who are the tragic, pathetic ones; the claimants or the DWP?

    I'm not sure if the ESA on-hold music had been changed as well, but would suspect so.
    (I might give them a ring later and find out).

    EDIT - A later post says that it is Beethoven, but not that particular sonata. No doubt someone will identify it soon (They could use Shazam?).
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    Sitting for the last 20 minutes listening to Vivaldi, so no change there then.

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    Be thankful its not rap.

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