I hope I am in the right place to share my PiP application experience and maybe to get a bit of advice

I Started my claim 27/11/2013
I had face to face consultation in 2014
I got 6 points and turned down for PIP in 2014 and asked for reconsideration with new evidence regarding toilet needs.
I got turned down and then I appealed.
I have HM courts & tribs hearing on 7/4/2015

My friend and I did some images to help explain my condition to PIP, my doctor and my employed adviser

Overall my condition leaves me bed ridden for days and then a zombie for many days at a time.
I have good days where I am able to conduct myself fairly well albeit so much slower than when well and so much more tiring
I had 2 jobs.I had to give up one job that was physical which left me with a small hobby type business which i can do around my illness even tho something that used to take me 30 mins now takes more like 4 hours to do.

My problem as far as PIP is concerned is that i do have days when I am able to attend appointments and sort out my stuff, talk to people and do general day to day stuff but I have more days that I cant do any of that stuff .

I miss many appointments due to being bad .
They don't seem to understand that if I'm bad then I am not going to be there and I will not be able to let them know that I am not going to be there.

I managed to make my Face to Face appointment as I was on a fairly good day but if the appointment was 2 days earlier then i wouldn't have been there.

The question is what if I miss my tribunal case or should i just get someone to drag me there if 'im really bad ?..

p.s I'm happy to share my Face to Face appointment farce if anyone has any question .?


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