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Thread: Prime Minister: NO to TV debates

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    Prime Minister: NO to TV debates

    With the news that Prime Minister David Cameron has refused to take part in the proposed upcoming TV debates, in the run-up to May's general election; it would be interesting to hear people's views about this, therefore, if anybody has any views on this, please feel free to leave a comment - hopefully a healthy discussion can follow.

    My own view is, David Cameron is running scared of loosing even more ground to UKIP in the likely event that he would have a very uncomfortable time stood alongside Nigel Farage - and not to mention Ed Miliband. It all seems a bit disingenuous of the PM in my opinion, considering he was all for TV debates in the run-up to the last general election when in opposition. What a turnaround indeed! Any views?


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    I personally think that these TV "debates" are a waste of time.

    Nothing actually gets debated.

    They just stand there and trot out statements prepared by their PR department.
    We can just as easily read these in the press.

    If asked a question they don't answer, just trot out another prepared statement.

    The whole idea of these televised debates is a copy of the American way of doing things, or maybe not.
    In the US the debates are between the two candidates for the post of president.
    Why this should be seen to be applicable to an election where you are supposed to vote for your local MP baffles me,
    it is not the person you will be voting for who is on the debate.
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    David Cameron agreed to the debate but only if another minority group like the 'Greens' took part.

    I don't think he likes the idea that UKIP will share the stage with Labour, Lib-Dems and Conservatives as Farage has quite a sharp tongue and can probably outsmart the other candidates with his sharp tongue.

    The other parties are suggesting to still hold the debates with an empty seat where Cameron would sit. It would be a brave broadcaster who would televise a debate without a leading party.

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    If it were not for all those women that chained themselves to the railings in order that I might have a vote, I would not bother.
    I contacted my MP (conservative) in October about an issue, but they have not responded despite my sending 3 reminders.
    I then decided to contact my labour councilor, who,s response had nothing whatso-ever to do with the issue I raised.
    The issue:; In my road there has been a disused baby clinic, empty for two years, it has attracted squatters on two occasions and a dead body has been found inside.
    I am frightened to walk past it after 4pm in winter (ie, after dark)
    The lights are on and I wonder who is footing the bill for all this electricity?
    I have contacted the council and they say that it is nothing to do with them as the building belongs to the NHS!!
    Yes, thats right, our cash strapped NHS can apparently pay for electricity for a disused buildi g for more than two years.
    None of the people I contacted seemed particularly concerned,but I am disgusted!
    As well as the monetary issue,, I thought we had to conserve energy,but they really dont seem bothered at all by this.

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    I find it somewhat comical that a debate about debates can turn into such a 'big story. I always hope we'll one day enter a period of grown up politics where the needs of the country trump political ambition, left or right wing bias or short term advantage. I still hope that day will come.

    However, back to the debates. If UKIP are to be involved, and as I understand the proposed structure, they would be involved in just one national debate out of a total of three, then I believe the Green party should also be included. They have one MP, strong Euro election results and a national showing.

    Is David Cameron running scared? I don't believe so. He's probably putting politics first, put all leaders do. Neither Cameron or Miliband wanted to share a debate will Farage? Now we have fixed term Parliaments then perhaps we should have a legally binding formats for debates.

    Both Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband have stated they want a clean campaign, one focused on issues and not personality. However, at the first opportunity both of them are calling David Cameron a 'coward' and accusing him of 'running scared'. Well not a positive start so far.

    The issue is who should be involved in the debates. I don't understand why such as issue is being decided by the media regulator and TV organisations. Surely the electoral commission would be better placed.

    As for the quality of the debates? Well, I agree with Nick..........okay no I don't!!!
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    I was in the audience at QT in2010 following the 2nd debate. The whole focus became the debates themselves, personalities and who had won. This probably suited all the main parties at that time as it detracted from having to debate policy. Each leader will do what is in their party's interest. Cameron has more to lose with UKIP on the panel and Labour/Libs with the Greens.
    I predict we shall have a hung parliament, a far more complex one than we have now with a 2 party coalition not possible (lab/con excepted) and minor parties vying for their own agenda.

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    There is some good work being done in the background by most MPs.

    The problem we have is with the high profile, glory seeking, career politicians who chase the headlines to further their own careers.
    The sort of politician who wants a TV debate so that they can, maybe, look good to "the masses" (plebs?).

    We need a revision of the current system, not just a change of a party within the same old system.

    Or to put it another way-
    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.
    (Pete Townsend 1971).
    I don't know everything. - But I'm good at searching for, and finding, stuff.

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