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Thread: Work related activity group rules

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    Work related activity group rules

    Can anyone give me some advice, after being on ESA for a year i finally got an assessment, i was put in the WRAG, I have arthritis in my hands, feet and both hips and have been recently told it is moving into my spine, i gave up my job last year (because i couldnt do the standing anymore), I have been awarded the higher rate mobility allowance, but still they insist i am able to do some work, i am 60 and have worked since i was 15, rarely out of work. I was always confident with people but find that has changed, they want me to do a 4 week training course and i dont feel able to do it but will be sanctioned if i dont , i am having problems with my feet, very painful and cant walk too well, the arthritis is getting worse, though i have missed the one month appeal frame , am i able to ask them to reconsider and put me in the support group as this isnt going to get better , only worse as i get older. Before the assessment i was getting medical certificates to say i was unable to work due to my condition, they dont ask for them now so how do they know what my condition is like now.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Angelm x

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    Hello Angelm x and welcome to the forum

    There are two ways you may be able to challenge your WRAG decision, firstly if you have 'Good Reason' for missing the one month window for asking for Mandatory Reconsideration/Appeal, but you don't say when you received the actual decision.

    The second way is if you can show a significant decline in your condition since the time of that (WRAG) decision, you can ask for a 'supersession/review' of your claim which completely fresh look at your case. If you have or can get any medical proof (eg Diagnosis etc)regarding the recent condition of your spine you may be able to make an application through this route.

    I would strongly suggest you seek the help of a qualified benefit adviser local to you, someone like CAB or Welfare Rights, I note your age so you could contact AGE UK they have very good advisers who can possibly visit you at home.
    Explain your situation to them they can then go through all the paperwork with you and help you put your case.

    All the best, keep us informed of your progress

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    As regards the training course, a lot depends on what the letter informing you of the course says.

    Some courses are voluntary some are not.

    If they use the word Mandatory on the letter then you have to do it, unless you can show good reason why it is inappropriate for someone with your medical limitations.
    The should take account of your medical limitations before assigning any work related activity.
    If you refuse a Mandatory activity they can sanction your benefit.

    If the word Mandatory is not used then it will be a voluntary course that you can refuse to do.
    I would suggest that you double check that it is a voluntary course before refusing though.
    Be aware that even with some of the voluntary courses once you have agreed to start you must keep up or they can sanction you.

    On a personal note I am in WRAG and have done a few training courses, and have just finished 2 years on the Work Programme.
    None of it was very difficult, or very useful, just annoying having to attend.

    Just out of interest what is the training course about?
    I don't know everything. - But I'm good at searching for, and finding, stuff.

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    ime in the same boat for some of us the effort required to attend would require weeks of recuperationqand involve damaging onself
    and for what when the jobcentre advisors ( lol ) are the first ones to admit that we will never work again

    allright " just " being annoying if your heath isnt made to suffer

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