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Thread: Annoying jobs? or just trying to do any job you can?

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    Annoying jobs? or just trying to do any job you can?

    Because I am waiting for a phone call from the hospital I have answered three 'unknown' calls this morning.
    Spurious (spam) calls about claims for an accident that never happened and PPI claims.

    The first one I was very rude to, I then thought about it and I am not proud about the language I used.
    The next two, I told them that they were wasting their time, their organisation should have done some more checks before wasting their time and mine.

    I am in two minds here.

    These calls annoy all of us, especially if / when we are waiting for an important call.

    But then I think- are these people making the calls because its the only job that they can find?
    I did this in the past (1980's) knocking on doors selling windows, it was the only job I could find at the time.
    I don't think this knocking doors happens anymore, its cheaper to phone you, or spam your FaceAche page.

    I think that we all realise that these are not real ongoing jobs (and the phone calls annoy us) but can we blame those doing it?
    Most are just trying to do something that may be considered employment.

    The moderators and spam filters do a very good job here keeping all the idiots out of sight.
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    I don't get any nuisance calls these days, touch wood. I only have a mobile phone and am registered with the TPS and haven't had a nuisance call since I had my current phone number (about 2 1/2 years). when I did I just said no thanks, I'm not interested and put the phone down if they tried to engage me in conversation. They can be annoying but the person on the other end is only trying to make a living so I reckoned there was no need to be rude.

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    I don't get any annoying calls anymore. I used to have landline but I got o fed up that I disconnected it because it got so annoying...

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    I never used to have spam calls on Orange but when EE took over the spam calls started.

    They sell your number to third parties, and once you are on the list it gets spread all over the place and there is no way you can get it deleted from eveywhere.

    These lists are sold for money and only way to get off the lists is not to answer any 'unknown' numbers.
    There is a scale of charges for companies who want to buy numbers, it goes something like:
    Valid number - 1p
    Answered number - 2p
    Answered number who talks - 5p
    Answered number who interacts - 10p
    Answered number who buys something - 50p

    Of course the DWP, and most hospitals, come up as 'unknown' and so when you are waiting for a call you have to answer.

    Another anoying thing on my mobile is that I can ignore it, but if its one of these automated press this, press that lines (usaully for PPI) then it takes so long that it goes to voicemail and I have to go to my voicemail account and delete a message about option 9.
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    I get some unwanted calls. Most of the time if I do not know the number, number withheld or unknown, then I do not answer.
    I take the view that if the call is important, they will leave a message. On the rare occasions I do answer, I politely tell them I am not interested and pit the phone down.

    I was getting calls to my landline from a debt collection agency for a person who does not and has never lived here. I can only assume that the persons details were wrong or my phone number had previously been used by them. It took several emails to the company making the calls, they kept asking for my details etc, which I refused to give them. They said they could not stop the calls without my details. I pointed out to them that I had provided them with the name and reference number of the person they were trying to contact and that should be enough for them to adjust their records. I also said that if the calls did not stop I would report them to the relevant authorities.
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    Ive worked several of these jobs in the past. Selling double glazing door to door and a few telesales jobs. Both the telesales jobs were short lived and appeared to be scams.

    The first telesales job i was at for 3 days before the phone lines got cut off and we couldnt work. They were selling advertising space in magazines. the script we were given told us to inform the customer that we had completed printing of the magazines for which they agreed advertising in 3 months ago. ofcourse they hadnt agreed to it. this was the first time we had spoke. number obtained from yellow pages.

    The second one was trying to sell an investment in trees in costa rica. I dont know for certain that this was a scam but find it unlikely they will get the suggested returns, if any return. 100k from a 15k investment in 10 years. After a few days there i decided not to bother showing up again.

    The double glazing jobs were completely legit and offered a genuine service. I know how annoying double glazing canvassers can be. Often for the canvassser it is the best job they can get. These jobs often involve long hours with no guaranteed income. There are some that make £500+ a week, but the majority will struggle to make much more than a basic wage. A typical day may involve getting picked up at 11am, getting to the canvass area at about 12. Knocking doors until about 8pm (a few breaks in between), and then getting home at about 9pm.

    Also worked a similar job with a breakdown recovery company which was again knocking door to door, although on your own rather than in a team. Fantastic money if your good at it. Not so great if you struggle.

    Next time one of these guys calls, or knocks on your door, Remember they have a job to do, and just like everyone else, they have to do as the boss says. In this case the boss says knock on doors and promote our products. They will also be instructed not to accept the first no. Be nice but firm and they will soon move on with a smile on their face from a pleasant chat.

    When dealing with door to door double glazing canvassers, the fastest way to get rid of them is to tell them you rent the property(if you own it, lie). once they know they wont get a lead, they will soon make their excuses and leave.

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    I have started getting calls like that on my mobile - Unfortunately for them, I don't answer unless I have agreed a time for somebody to ring me and I already have their number. Even then it's 50/50 on whether i'll answer or not!

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    I worked in telesales for years,mostly business to business, but for a couple of years I worked for a firm of willdrafters,cold calling residential numbers.
    It fitted in nicely whilst my first two children were at school as the hours were 10 till one, so I was able to take them to school, go to work and have an hour at home running round with the hoover before collecting them

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    Getting rid of nuisance cold call phone salespersons.

    Although I'm ex-directory and signed up to the Telephone Preference Service I still get the occasional cold call for refinancing or to claim for miss-selling insurance.

    I listen to their initial monitor read script and to close the conversation quickly and politely by saying 'I hope you don't mind but I'm happy to carry on with this call but I need to take your companies details as I will be invoicing them £10 a minute for this call."

    It results in a two second silence as they digest this information before they hang up - it works every time!!

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    Ha ha! Glad I'm not the only one Lighttouch! I've been doing this for several years now (on my good days) and love that silent gap... more often nowadays tho- they just hang up cos they've heard it before!
    My dad used to engage them for ages before he let on he wasn't the home owner nor did he intend to purchase anything whatsoever they had to offer; he said it relieved the boredom of retirement and immobility and kept them on their toes. He saw it as a big game!
    Another way is to just put the phone on the side without cutting off the call. It ties up their line and you can go off- do whatever for an hour before you replace the handset.

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