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Thread: Pip awarded at tribunal but errors

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    Pip awarded at tribunal but errors

    I was awarded Pip at tribunal before Christmas but award letter from court had errors. Awarded from date Pip originally declined not applied from and awarded standard care despite 14 points and ebhanced mobility with 10 points. I wrote to them but haven't had reply other than acknowledement I guess because of hols. I havent heard from Dwp. Anyone any experience if this and what might happen please?

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    If the award letter from the court has errors you need to write to them within a month and you can also ask the court to supply you with what is know as a statement of reasons and then you have a month also from the date on this letter
    What may have happened in your case is something they call a slip of the pen but if you read your judgement letter it does tell you what to do if you think
    anything is wrong but the statement of reasons is a good idea so you can see in detail excactly how the court/judge reached there decision
    I always get and keep all important papers like these including the original assessment report from the assessment providers as well.
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    Do not ask for a 'Statement of Reasons' unless you are considering Appealing to the Upper Tier Tribunal, as by doing so, that is the process you will probably be triggering.
    What ever they intended your award to be, either way it looks pretty good to me, just ask them to clarify it, that is of course if your happy about it.
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    Awarded from date Pip originally declined not applied from.....
    We have seen this mistake being made quite a lot recently with backdating of awards only to the original refusal (MR) date instead of to the original claim date.
    We are seeing this with both ESA and PIP.

    It is not the court making the mistake it is the DWP payment centre.
    (or maybe the info they are being passed from elsewhere in the DWP).

    Get on the phone to the DWP as soon as they open for the new year, explain your concern over the backdating and they should sort it out.

    Everyone on the forum who has reported this problem in the last few months has had it corrected with just the one call.

    I'm assuming that this was a new PIP claim and not a migration from DLA?
    A migration will not have any backdating.
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    My friends tribunal award seemed strange to me, he applied in July 2013, got his original decision around April/May 2014 and the tribunal awarded him higher rate mobility in November 2014 for 2 years but dated from his ATOS assessment date of Dec 2013?.

    His back payment seems to be correct (working it out from July 2013 to Nov 2014) I would have assumed they'd have given him 2 years from the date of the original decision or the application not the ATOS assessment date?.

    Actually having thought about it it doesn't really matter as within 3 weeks of getting the tribunal decision he received a new PIP application pack which had to be returned by Jan 5th, this is now submitted and they've wrote to say the usual "we may make a decision based on your application but you may need a face to face assessment" etc.
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