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Thread: Lovely surprise this morning.

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    What a lovely surprise.Enjoy your hamper

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    How lovely, I never knew they did this kind of thing. Another Staffordshire bod here {waves}

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    That's really sweet we sometimes get donations from local businesses given to the charity that runs my PTSD counselling, it's really kind- things like tons of nail polish, or we had Christmas chocolates a couple of weeks ago. They leave a basket at the check-in desk so you can take your pick. It's really kind of people to think of the little things that brighten your day

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    i have had to have from the food bank before now. They do a great job. i had a bag of food and when i looked in the bag i was really moved. They had put a little recipe page to match the foodstuff. it was recipes to make the food tasty and have a variations and make it last longer. Such a lot of thought went into it and i didnt expect that.

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