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Thread: New carpet laid, bit of a smell.

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    You really need to ascertain that the smell is actually coming from the carpet itself. Maybe get a couple of friends to tell you if they can smell anything?

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    Call the firm who fitted it and ask them to send someone out to check it over
    Sea Queen

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    You could always spray it with Febreze (other fabric fresheners are available). It might help for a while, and if the smell is temporary such as glue drying out then by the time the effect of the Febreeze has worn off, it may be gone.

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    Hi birdwatcher

    Its been a week since your first post, has the smell gone yet?

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    New carpet can have a smell of newness for up to a week after that I'd be worried. The first week is basically when the carpet settles in and the smell is potentially from the manufacturing process and as most carpets are rolled up when stored the air can't get to it until it's laid out so do give it a chance.

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