The Outsiders Club is having its London Lunch near Oldstreet this year, and will hold the monthly events there every month next year, (apart from August and November

If anyone fancies coming along and saying hello, I've not been to the venue myself yet, but it IS accessible and I'm TOLD there's parking.


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London Lunch DECEMBER the 13th...

London Lunches have now moved to Finch's.

1.30 to 5.30 PM at Finch’s near Moorgate station, Veronica the Manager previously worked at the Paternoster and knows the Outsiders.
As its the festive season, I'd suggest we dress in some brighter colours to celebrate Outsiders and the new venue. Its very grey outside

Directions from Moorgate and Old Street Station (Old Street is the nearest) and Local bus routes are below, as well as contact details for the Pub. Liverpool Street Station is also nearby, and has links to Overground, National Rail, tube, and bus.

General Manager Veronika Gormley Mostkova FINCH’S 12A Finsbury Square London EC2A 1AN 020 7588331

Google map of the area.

Buses to and from Old Street Station:

Streetmap, A-Z style map showing Finch's and surrounding area:

The nearest accessible rail and tube station is Farringdon, about 1 mile from the venue.


There is a large NCP car park in Finsbury Square, my research on the web also suggests there is a large number of parking meter spaces near the venue which MAY be free after 1:30 PM on Saturday.

Those with blue badges always check the borough