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Thread: Pain clinic Trafford General?

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    Pain clinic Trafford General?

    Hi all

    I just wondered if any of our Manchester based friends have ever been to the pain clinic at Trafford General? I have an appointment in mid Jan and not sure what to expect really. I am on max doses for Pregabalin,Naproxen & paracetamol/codeine. I also have Matrifen 25m patches and I take oramorph when needed. I have hypermobility syndrome and fybromaelgia, both lifelong conditions that cannot be cured. Will they help get my meds straight or will they just tell me to use a hot water bottle and practice mindfulness?! Thanks for your help!

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    The Pain Clinic I'm visiting is at Wythenshawe Hospital.

    I've had pain for decades can you believe. I was advised to take morphine based drugs but I never opened the bottle as I wasn't sure of the side effects and whether it would dull my brain!

    I began taking Zapain after knee surgery a few years ago as I couldn't stand upright without one leg giving way to pain.

    I stopped taking all medicines about 6 months ago but it really disturbs my sleep and bungs you up. I can only dream of getting 8 hours sleep.

    Mine's a lifelong condition and don't I know it.

    Another painful issue I have is due to having a twisted spine now. I think the bottom of my right ribcage is meeting my pelvis and trapping some internal guts between the two. No pain killers can take that pain away - it's a bit like someone putting your fingers in a vice and twisting it shut for four or five seconds. I wonder if it's a hernia under my ribs?

    I'd be very good as an international spy being tortured as I'm so accustomed to pain I'd never give up any secrets in the torture chamber - they'd be stumped!!

    The one thing that I think would benefit me would be to hang upside down and then relax in that position for five minutes to stretch out and elongate my spine. I have told doctor's my desire but they think I'm joking.

    I guess the pharmaceutical world object to it for back pain sufferers in case it works!!

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