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Thread: Cold weather tips

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    Cold weather tips

    I suspect many of us struggle more in the cold weather, I certainly dread icy mornings, and it sounds like we're getting some this week.

    So, any top tips? Things that help keep the more wobbly among us upright? How to stay warm if stuck inside all day?

    I have an agreement with my employer I can work at home if it snows. Don't like doing feeling stuck in, but I'm not safe enough otherwise.

    My new favourite tip for mornings when the car is icy, is to fill a hot water bottle and put it on the dash next to the windscreen to help it defrost. It really does make it quicker, scrapping ice from a windscreen is not something I do well. Envious of anyone with a Ford on mornings like this; I used to have one and I love the quick clear windscreen.

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    i Fliss, when I was working I had the same arrangement as you when it snowed.

    I guess I was lucky as I had the same design software at home so could carry on as normal. I could also access all my work's emails from home and contact my clients via phone.

    It's great when you have understanding employers who allow reasonable adjustments and flexible working.

    Ice on windscreen and fogged up windscreen inside. What people may find difficult to get around their head - put the air-conditioning on when the windscreen mists up - it'll clear in seconds!

    Raspberry - I wondered where this wonderfully fully accessible cafe was that gives away free lattes - great idea as now my latte has a perfect foam every time with no froth!

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