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Thread: PIP2 Form - advice on layout please?

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    PIP2 Form - advice on layout please?

    Evening everyone, I wonder if anyone can help? How strict are DWP regarding layout of the form?? I ask this because someone told me they only scan in the actual form and not the supporting information, which may mean that they don't pass on to the Assessor everything in Q15, additional information??

    I would like to add notes under list of documents enclosed and under details of professionals to contact - this is because my son doesn't actually have any regular input from professionals other than his special school because he has developmental disorders rather than 'health' issues, and regular reviews are not offered in our county. Also, does anyone know if it would be ok to type on blank paper then cut to size and glue to the boxes under each question??

    Flymo, I know you mentioned you had put everything in 'additional info', merely using the boxes on the form to signpost, but am worried in case it doesn't actually get looked at and they just think I haven't answered!!

    Probably silly questions, but am drowning a bit with it all to be honest and not able to see the wood for the trees!

    Thankyou x

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    Did my PIP2 form back in May 2014.

    I wrote on a pad - each question on a separate page.

    Every day or two, added notes specific to the question - didn't do all the questions in one sitting, i.e. two/three questions per day.

    When I felt I'd included everything.

    I did it all again, rewrote a single page per question - rewrote my reply again looking at the previous note. Then tore up the previous note, did this for all the questions.

    Finally, last time - added, amended, rewrote.

    Between all this I kept a bit of a diary. Woke up, getting out of bed, getting to the toilet. Sitting on toilet seat, preparing for shower. Amazing when you actually write it all down over several days - it really does hit home what you are living with.

    Once I had settled on what I wanted to do to reply I carefully wrote in the boxes, if the writing was too much I numbered them i.e. 1. continued on page (the last long empty page). Continued this throughout the entire form.

    All in order.

    Finally also wrote in the box - attachments - included (yet again) scanned copies of hospital consultant letters (I always ask to be copied in on any correspondence with my GP).

    Typed up one page for the attachments included i.e.

    1. Consultants letter dated xx.xx.xx to GP.
    2. GPs letter dated xx.xx.xx.
    3. etc...

    I also highlighted the important bits in yellow and put an asterix next to the point which was extremely relevant.

    Seems laborious but it worked.

    Also never presume they will contact your GP or consultant I was advised years ago IT IS "YOUR" RESPONSIBILITY to provide the evidence.

    Hope this may help you.

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    I just received my decision today. As regards the PIP 2 Form, I took a similar approach to the one Flymo suggested in the sticky thread. I used one page for each activity (sometimes more depending on the amount of info I needed to include). When I was satisfied that I had included everything, I printed it out, printed out a load of "See Attached Document" stickers, and for each activity I stuck one sticker per activity in the "Additional Information" box, so the decision maker would know to refer to the printed document.

    When answering each activity question, I broke each activity into 'steps', and described, in detail, the problems and difficulties I have with each. At the end of each problem or difficulty I wrote how that related to the 'safely, repeatedly, in a reasonable amount of time' criteria. After describing the problems and difficulties, under a separate heading I described what aids and appliances I use (if any) and how they help, or if I am unable to use them as could reasonably be expected, I explained why not. Under a separate heading, I described the prompting/physical assistance/supervision I need, who does what, how it helps, how often etc. Then, under another heading, I described how often I experience the difficulties, variability etc. So, the finished document looked something like this for each activity:

    ACTIVITY - xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    HEALTH CONDITIONS - xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    ISSUES I FACE - During this activity I experience xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. This makes it difficult because xxxxxxxx. (Unsafe/Unable to repeat/Not reliable etc)

    AIDS AND APPLIANCES - I use xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx because xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. However, I experience problems using this aid because xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

    PHYSICAL HELP/PROMPTING/SUPERVISION - I require supervision due to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx . I also need prompting because xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

    HOW OFTEN/VARIABILITY - I experience these difficulties xxxx times a day/hour etc. I have these problems xxx days each week etc.

    I hope this helps you and wish you a successful outcome with your son's claim.

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