I saw a very silmar post as im going to put from over a year ago but there was not much in the way of a conclusion. .
Right I am on Income based ESA in the support group due to heart, Back, mental and various other problems Which all add up to a mirriad of conditions the first is I can hardly walk But due to my head I need to be able to see or get into the open, And yet still need to have someone with me for support
As well as ESA we get housing and DlA.
However its been brought to me that I have a old Company pension from 20 odd years ago. And have been told I can get up to 25% of it as a pre retirement tax free lump sum. Which would work out at just over 5000 and the rest left where it is? But before I decided anything I wanted to know what the impact may be or mean to our benefits.
The reason I was looking at taking it was a couple of reasons the first being that we have a gas/electricity bill for 1400 that is outstanding and came from EDF and its readers reading our meter wrong for over two years Well from the day they took over our account Yes our bills went down and we queried it with them but they said it was correct Then they even would not tell us the bill one time as they thought it was wrong But still said it was right after a week or so. Then when a new system came into use it showed it up what had been happening And apparently it had all started from a reader only reading 4 numbers instead of 5 from the meter and it through it into this mess. And a bill of over 1400 Which we have round our neck But EDF have worked out a payment plan which is over two years at no interest and takes 1 week per month as payment. But this still makes us behind at the end of 3 months so still end up with a lump sum having to be found. When I dont think we should have been made to pay it all back. Yes we had used the electric But it was not our fault And if it had been read right then we would have never been in this situation..
Sorry that enough babbling
Also is that we have a car at the moment but it is ready for the breakers yard because it would need more spending on it than its worth. Which we dont have anyway. So this option came at a good time for both reasons and it is Xmas so even a extra few quid would be nice
But like I said would depend on what it would do to what we have at present. (Now my soapbox bit)I mean that simply because we all know once you lose something how hard it is to get it back, And no matter how bad or ill you are, has that does not seam to concern the people who are making the decisions does it?. When will they come to realize its peoples real lives they are playing with and which can and has had some very disastrous outcomes over this and the past couple of years.

Regards CJS