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Thread: Getting in a scramble with PIP forms for rising 16 with complex autism needs - help!!

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    Getting in a scramble with PIP forms for rising 16 with complex autism needs - help!!

    Hi everyone, have been lurking and reading posts for a few days and would really appreciate some help/advice or sharing of experience by anyone who might have had a PIP experience re. autism. My DS in in receipt of DLA and has just turned 16 so as his appointee am applying for PIP.
    Finding it really hard to give the most accurate and relevant information for the questions and have scared myself silly reading all the descriptors/guidelines for f2f HP's and all the negative experiences of others etc to the point where I don't know what is too much and what is too little!!
    DS has autism presenting primarily as Demand Aviodance, acute social aniety, selective mutism and sensory processing disorder - and it is really hard to attribute any of his difficulties to any one of these at any one time, as they all overlap and co-exist to make a really complex picture!! Also, his diagnosis report is 7 years old (you only get one diagnosis!)also have speech & Lang, Sttement of SEN, Ed Psych, Psychology, OT reports and have asked his special school to fill in a questionnaire based on the descriptors. He doesn't have any ongoing involvement with professionals apart from school as he is well supported by us, and the only way I can get a really accurate picture of how he fares per the PIP questions would be to totally remove all support in all situations. And what parent wants to do that when to do so would mean their child would stop functioning and be mentally traumatised!!!! So sorry for the ramble, just feeling really overwhelmed. Found DLA eay in comparison to PIP because it allowed a fuller picture through more targeted questions and doesn't seem to have a hidden agenda! Thankyou, anyone who has actually managed to stick with this so far and not fallen asleep!!

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    Hi Autismmom,

    Sorry I can't comment myself on your main PIP question, but I'm sure someone will soon be along who can help.
    If I recall correctly there was a similar question asked recently.

    I just wanted to say don't get scared by reading other peoples negative experiences.
    As we often point out most of what you will see on this forum is people asking for some help because they are having a problem.
    Those who don't have a problem have no need to ask for help so you don't see them.
    It can tend to leave things looking as if everyone has problems, but that is a false picture, you are only seeing one side of the story here.

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    We've had a similar case previously in the forum that had a happy outcome - enhanced rate of both components awarded.

    If you read the mother's introduction and my first reply, that will hopefully give some ideas. If you click on the mother's name and view her posts, you should be able to track the story.

    I also suggest reading through the first page or so of the sticky PIP thread and following any links that appear relevant.

    (Coloured text on these forums are links).

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    Thankyou, Nukecad and Flymo. Have read some of the lady's posts and there are many similarities although autism affects people so very differently!!! Do I need to tie each point back to points on my medical/professional reports, or do they actually read that and do it themselves, or are the medical reports really just to prove the conditions which cause the difficulties exist? I ask because I ead somewhere that inability to do things must be directly because of a condition and not just a personal choice. So, for example, my son does not speak beyond single words outside of home, which is due to overwhelming anxiety, which is noted in his autism and speech & language reports. This is in some way a choice, but it is a choice he needs to make to control situations which cause him massive anxiety. Hope that makes sense!

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    It is best if you make the case for the award of points as explicitly as you can. You should not assume that the assessor and decision maker will find all the relevant points in any reports you supply, let alone put those points together into arguments for the award of scoring descriptors that you have not argued towards.

    For example, in connection with your son's communication problems, I would say something like "As a result of overwhelming anxiety caused by his autism when away from the home, X's communication is limited to single words. This is mentioned in in the report of Dr Bloggs dated 8 June 2014 (paragraph 3 on page 4) and the report of Ms Phipps...". In effect, you are arguing that your son's autism leads to overwhelming anxiety, which takes away his capacity to choose to speak in phrases or sentences.

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