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Thread: PIP - needing, but not getting any assistance...

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    PIP - needing, but not getting any assistance...

    - Prompting, Supervision or Assistance (with various daily activities)

    With DLA, you would be awarded points simply because you needed the help, even if you weren't actually receiving any care. Does this still apply with PIP?

    I don’t get any kind of help with day-to-day activities; I just have to manage by myself. Would this go against me?

    I have to attend a consultation soon, and I'm starting to worry that I may not score any points at all.

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    The PIP tests are applied theoretically, as with DLA, so it's the help you need, not the help you have. However, you should expect to be questioned about how you get by without the help at your face to face consultation, as the assessor will be checking that the need for help is genuine. If you explain the compromises you have to make and how things are not done properly because you do not have the help, the assessor is more likely to be satisfied that you are talking about a genuine need.

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