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Thread: Support The Making Of A Touch-Free Smartphone, Designed For People With Disabilities

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    Support The Making Of A Touch-Free Smartphone, Designed For People With Disabilities

    Hi people,

    I'm here to write about a great effort of a dear friend of mine, who has decided to devote himself to helping the disabled;
    He is building the first touch-free smartphone for disabled people (which is amazingly nothing but a regular Android-phone)

    He is now fundraising in Indiegogo and can really use your help in realizing this dream:

    The next 24-hours are crucial for making this dream come true, as succeeding in raising $10K will ensure promoting the project by Indiegogo itself.

    you can learn more about the software here:

    his team is combined of disabled and non-disabled, and helping this cause might help many...
    You can also help by sharing this to the people you think might want to help - or posting this on other forums and sites.

    thanks! :-)

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    Please take no notice of this thread
    basically begging and you will never see anything for your money.

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    As beau says don't touch it.

    That paticular crowdfunding site is well known for allowing dodgy projects with very little oversight of where the money is actually going.
    And if the campaign does not reach its target they offer no help in getting your money back, they have already been paid upfront of course.

    You have been warned.

    So for a laugh I decided to have a look at this "first touch-free smartphone for disabled people"

    The blurb says that it will track your head movements to move a cursor on the screen, and you can use voice comands as well..

    Both features that have been available on existing smartphones for a number of years now. (The samsung galaxy, and others, track your eye movements to see what part of the screen you are looking at).

    So nothing new then he just wants some pocket money for writing yet another Andriod app., puttiting it onto a cheap smart phone and selling it to you, probably for an inflated price but the website dosen't give any pricing info.
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