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Thread: Wheelchair and crutch accessories group

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    You can never go wrong with black ;-) I've had this lovely pair for 5 years but only used them on and off, I propped myself up on a pushchair for a good few years and gave in to using these full time last year after a couple of years with sticks. I'm supposed to use two but don't most of the time especially if my little one is with me but will probably get a pair. The ones I like the look of are similar to something called smartcrutch if you've come across those?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lighttouch View Post
    Well, today is interesting. In the home I prefer to get about using a four wheeled kitchen trolley with two shelves. It makes it easy to carry stuff around. However, the wheels are not spinning as they should so Social Services are dropping off a free replacement this afternoon.

    Car wheelchair hoist . . .
    I've bitten the bullet and decided to buy a car hoist to lift and swing my manual wheelchair plus motor plus battery into the hatch and out again.

    He's fitting a frame to the boot area and will add a 80kg hoist. It’ll be very tight as my wheelchair was deliberately constructed where the handles/backrest don’t fold dow4n - long story.

    The idea is that I want to be able to use the wheelchair for times where I use it for say 30 minutes before packing it back in the boot. I wouldn’t entertain that idea if I have to manually lift the wheelchair, motor and battery out then put it all back - a real pain for short journeys - literally!

    I’ll try to post some pictures later.
    Are you dis-assembling it before putting it in the boot? or all together? Even together it's 5 + 2 + 6? kg so way less than the 86kg.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reddivine View Post
    Are you dis-assembling it before putting it in the boot? or all together? Even together it's 5 + 2 + 6? kg so way less than the 86kg.
    Hi Reddivine, I actually bought the lightest wheelchair in the world at 11 kg and I could remove the wheels as well but a combination of swinging individual pieces in and out of the hatch area with basically one fully functioning ar wasn't ideal.

    The smallest 2-way hoist e.g. up and down is up to a load of 40kg. It was suggested that a 4-way - up,down, in and out would meet my access needs better and this feature is included on the 80 kg hoist - a very compact neat arrangement.

    It's all a balancing act. I position the wheelchair at the rear of the car with motor and battery pack attached. I just detach the foot plates, cushion and slide in armrests.

    The engineer works out where the centre of gravity is when the chair is lifted vertical. In my case the centre of gravity is an inch in front of the backrest. He's utilised two existing drilled holes, drilled through them and enlarged them slightly and fitted two chrome plated bolts through the. The two bolts have a one inch diameter circular piece at the top.

    All I do is lower the hoist over the chair and use two climbing clip to attach the hois to the chair - then press 'up' then 'in'. Once it's in I put a safety belt over the wheelchair

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    My Physio has recommended the smartcrutches I mentioned so am going to go ahead and order a pair once the vendor replies to a few questions I sent them. I noticed on the website a section on VAT relief if you are disabled so followed the link to direct gov but am not 100% clear on if I will get the VAT relief of not. Do I just purchase as normal and then fill in a form to claim back?

    Now, the ultimate decision, which colour??? Am thinking black goes with everything but I really like the pink. Would I look daft in a suit for work with a pair of bright pink crutches. Decisions, decisions...

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    Never seen those crutches before - live dangerously go for . . . blue . . . no stereo-typecasting please!

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    If you read it, it says DMS, whatever that means, will refund VAT. Normally VAT is not charged in the 1st place if you declare disability and fill in the form. Their website is not particularly clear. You are eligible for VAT relief.

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    That reminds me as I bought a wheelchair hoist for my car and they sent an invoice with a slip of paper I need to sign so I'm exempt from paying VAT.

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    Thanks for the info re the VAT, useful to know!

    I'm going for black but if they help like the reviews say they do then I might starting collecting the other colours too!

    As for gender stereotyping, in the 80's, my mum didn't believe in that either. I had a short bowl hair cut and was dressed in brown and blue. Everyone thought I was a boy! Didn't help that I climbed trees and picked up worms. I would arm wrestle with the boys and sneaked a box of frogs to school once as well. I don't know what changed that but in my teens I got very very girly and living in a house full of the opposite sex I still am so pink is defo next ;-)

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    Im currently waiting for these simple, black crutches to arrive. Not sure yet if I'm going to do any customisation on them as I kind of like the sleek chic look of the plain black:

    At the same time I got myself this backpack, as my handbag (which I love) is a tote bag which is no good for when I'm using crutches or on my 2 wheel scooter.
    I wanted something fun, feminine and with lots of space and flexibility. So I browsed some changing bags and found this one which also comes with a little mini person version attached to a safety strap. So once I've stitched a buckle on the front, it will work as a safety harness for my two year old as I won't be able to hold his hand when using both crutches. I will also have him on a short wrist strap too to keep him close to me and as back up:

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    If I want some padding on my crutch handles, what is the best material or brand to go for? I'm thinking dense foam of some sort?

    Would love to see some other people's crutches as this is my first time using some so I'm a bit nervous.

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