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Thread: Having to keep scooter outdoors

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    What colmac relates about the scooter mechanic saying that charging straight after a journey is good advice.
    Read any of the battery manufacturers advice and you will see, charging will make or break batteries. The more a battery is discharged before being chrged and the fewer charging cycles it will be capable of, so the lifespan will be reduced.
    My last scooter, a shoprider, had been owned from new by a couple who just kept it on chrage whenever it was not being used...........
    I bought the scooter because they were emigrating, I had it about a year before I changed the batteries.......I checked the first charge date and the batteries were the original and had served 7.5 years..........So now I get good brand batteries ( MK) and charge regularly and often.
    As for low temps, my scooter is outside but under a carport, so keeps dry but gets cold. Gel batteries suffer from cold much more than mat type. Gel would be great in a warm country but not so good here in lower temps.
    However, neither type will be damaged in the kind of temps we get here,
    From the MK battery site: FAQs

    Q: Can I store my sealed battery in my garage during the winter or will it freeze?

    A: Both types of our sealed batteries can be stored in temperatures as low as -20°F without freezing provided the batteries are fully charged.

    Hope some of that helps.

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    I found the answer very helpful, I'm sorry she didn't like the answer. I live in a ground floor apartment in Missouri and even though I can keep my scooter in the hallway, the hallway feels like outside. The apartment is large enough to keep it inside but I have a rolling walker. a wheel chair for when I am in someone else's car, that's a lot of stuff in my living-room.

    Thanks Flymo, Lighttouch, and Nukecad, for such informative answers.

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