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Thread: Misuse if motor tax exemption

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    Misuse if motor tax exemption

    Who do i report the mis use of tax exemption too? Dvla say dla and dla say dvla..

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    Do you know this for sure?

    I would always be hesitant, as outwardly I would appear to be misusing it, but it is for my benefit and my disability like many others is hidden.

    If you are without a doubt sure then you should report it to the DVLA...

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    Is it worth it though?
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    There are several aspects to the misuse of a vehicle excise duty exemption. There is the possibility of fraud by false representation or a benefit fraud offence in connection with the statements made when exempting the vehicle (which can be investigated by the police or DWP depending on the offence). There is also the use of a vehicle on a public road that is not correctly licensed (which can be investigated by the police or DVLA, though DVLA typically take the primary interest) and the underpayment of vehicle excise duty for that use (which can be investigated by DVLA).

    I agree with Paul that the most appropriate body for any report is DVLA, as the most likely action would be in relation to use of a vehicle that is not correctly licensed and the underpayment of VED. A prosecution for fraud is unlikely bearing in mind the low sums typically involved.

    If the misuse is with the intention of evading some sort of charge or toll, the agency responsible for that charge or toll might take an interest. Misuse with intention to avoid the London Congestion Charge could easily result in losses to Transport for London of thousands of pounds a year, so they might take an interest.

    Even blatant misuse is difficult to demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt, also the sums of money involved are usually fairly small. Unless there is clear evidence of the exemption being applied to a vehicle used for business purposes (such as a taxi or works van), or that the exemption had been given away or sold, it is unlikely anything will be done.

    If you are to make a report of misuse, please be as sure as you can that there is misuse and that it is inappropriate for you to offer informal words of advice. There is already understandable fear from many disabled people of being investigated following reports from members of the public that they do not look to be as disabled as they claim. The truth is not always obvious to the casual observer.

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    Yep we are 100% sure that it is misuse as its a family member who is the dla claimant and the car that has the tax on it, the claimant is never ever in it nor does the driver do any errands for them. X

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