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Thread: Memory problems

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    Memory problems

    In the hope that this post will make it through to the forum I am posting to report the result of my querying my suitability to continue driving as I have memory problems.

    I filled in a DVLA medical form and in response to the question asking if I had any serious memory problems I replied that I didn't think I had but it had been suggested that I may have. The response from the DVLA was to say that they weren't interested in my ME unless my doctor had concerns.

    I have just come back from an appointment with the doctor and he does not think my memory is any worse than anyone else my age and certainly gives no concern as far as driving goes.

    I therefore intend to continue driving. Well intentioned though your advice was I feel that unless you have some degree in expertise in the subject you should take care as to the advice you offer so freely.

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    Completely agree aartyy, as a fellow sufferer of memory related problems, I am safe in the knowledge that my driving is not affected by this.

    Driving is often described as an automatic response, your muscles learn the routine and you can drive for great distances and wonder how you got to your destination.
    It is something that once learnt it is difficult to forget, even with large large gaps in time (similar to a bicycle, or knowing how to form sentences and type as you have above).

    I wish you well in all your driving to come.

    Paul x

    Edit: I know that I am safe as I recently undertook some private driving lessons just to make sure I was up to scratch with driving an auto, and pleasingly apart from some habits I'm fine to drive.
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    Please don't take this the wrong way but I congratulate you on taking the decision to query your ability to drive and I'm glad you had a positive result. I hope this gives you the ongoing confidence you seek.

    Best wishes in your continues driving.
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    Wow, quite a clean bill of health (memory), so pleased you found this out it does give you peace of mind if ever judged again.

    Zooooom have fun with the driving.

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