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Thread: Pip requesting MR on one part only

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    Pip requesting MR on one part only

    Hi I'm new here just hoping someone can give me some advise. I was diagnosed with RA in 2008 prescribed a DMARD and until 2012 coped really well and worked 37 hours a week. It all started to go down hill then started having problems with first my arms after MRI was found to have bone spurs and torn tendons on both shoulders also a slight bulge on c6-7. After trying lots of drugs and physio it was decided to operate and do a decompression on first my right shoulder with the view of doing the left if it helped with symptoms. They did this October 2013 by which time I was getting a lot of pain and numbness in both my arms and hands I was also starting to notice that I was getting a heavy feeling in my legs and my knees seemed to wobble. The operation unfortunately didn't help with either pain or numbness in my arms and hands. By January 2014 my walking was becoming very unstable and I had a number of falls. After many visits to my gp and trying many more drugs which didn't help another MRI was done 17th March and following this I was admitted to John Radcliffe Oxford for emergency surgey and had ACDF C6-7 on 25th March. The neurosurgeon told me this operation was to STOP further deterioration NOT to make me better. (I could have easily been paralysed from the neck down ) my spinal cord has been damaged by the disc compressing it. Anyway I applied for pip in May had my assessment 1st October (quite quick after reading about others) had my decision standard rate for daily living but nothing for mobility. They say I can stand and walk 200metres. I did tell the asser that I had tried to walk around the block (about 400metres) but that it had taken me about half an hour because I had to stop and rest frequently due to pain I never said I do this to keep active as it says in my letter. I don't think this is a fair assessment of my mobility I rang to request a MR on 15th October but have heard nothing back from them should it take this long I thought they were supposed to call back within 5 working days. If and when they do call what should I say to them I am happy to have received standard daily living but don't understand how they can say that someone who can't even get into the bath without help can safley acceptabley and within a reasonable time walk 200 metres. ( I have to use a stick to walk which isn't easy because of pain still in arms and hands) sorry this is so long winded I never asked to be like this and I don't want to be. I just feel let down by the system it seems they are happy to take my tax and NI for the last 40 years but now I need them to help me I have to jump threw hoops. Any advise would be gratefully received .

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    reading your post i get the impression you dont know much about how this all works(not meaning to be offensive) have a read through this topic you will find most of your answers there,then post again with any query's

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    Call again and reaffirm that you want a Mandatory Reconsideration and that you want copies of the documents used in making the decision. Tell them you do not want the reconsideration to take place until you have had time to review those documents and make a written submission. Immediately after you phone them, put the same request in writing and send it recorded delivery. Do this right away as you have only a limited time (one month from date of decision) to request a Mandatory Reconsideration.

    Check on the Royal Mail tracking page for your letter being received and signed for and then if you've heard nothing a week later, call them again. I did this and found that though they'd received the letter and scanned it in, no-one had read it and they were going to go ahead with the reconsideration without sending me the documents, or waiting for any further input from me.

    Once you have copies of the documents you'll be better placed to understand how they came to the decision and to challenge it where you disagree - best plan is to get additional letters of support from GP, Consultant, Physio etc., who can confirm your side of the story.

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    Thanx for your response your right I don't understand how all this works. I have never had to claim anything before. I suppose I stupidly thought that things would be a lot easier than it is. I will have a read through as you suggest. Thank you again.

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    Thanx for the advise will call them again tomorrow. They do already have copies of mri reports and a letter from my neurosurgeon. I'm due to see my rheumatologist so will ask him for a letter aswell.

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    Evie I agree with both slipmaster and noseynoodle. From my experience they do not call when they should. For example when I rang to request my MR I was told they will call you within 5 days which turned out to be 33 days. Had I have waited with writing in I may have missed the 28 day deadline/ DON'T wait for them to phone write your letter and go into detail how your illness affects you ability against each descriptor. Also gather any additional evidence from doctors etc and send them by recorded delivery.
    Firstly, have a look at the sticky threads recommended. Maybe you should get help from the CAB in writing your MR request.
    Either way good luck and keep us posted.

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    slipmaster has already pointed you towards the sticky PIP thread, which is where I suggest you start reading. The section about maximising points (end of the linked post - coloured text is a clickable link) might be particularly useful.

    I describe my recommended approach to giving explanations as "painting a picture". The aim is to give the assessor and decision maker a clear understanding of the problems you face with each activity as a result of your medical conditions and disabilities.

    Imagine I'm a fly on the wall - or, if you want to bring things up to date, that I've got one of those small remote controlled flying machines with a camera on it - but I am also aware what is going on inside your body. That's the level of detail you are after.

    Start with whilst your are still sitting down, as the "moving around" descriptors that involve walking are "stand and then move...". How much pain are you in? Do you feel unwell just sitting down? Are you light headed as a result of pain?

    Stand up. How are you feeling now?

    Keep on telling the story as you take the first few paces, as you reach five metres and so on. At what point do you need to stop and rest? How long is it taking you to walk these distances? How much rest do you need when you stop before you can start again. Give as much detail as you can.

    What aids do you use when walking?

    How does your walking ability vary across the day and from day to day?

    As soon as you mention you can walk 400m, even if it takes you half an hour, you create the implication that your walking ability is fairly high and that you do this to keep active. If you tell the story as I described, you invite the decision maker to travel along with you and decide "that's it - enough is enough" at some point.

    There's little point giving a lot of medical history, as that won't score you points and might draw attention away from your descriptions. All medical evidence can really do is show you have rheumatoid arthritis, indicate what drugs you are on (try to avoid jargon - I know what a DMARD is but the decision maker might not) and give some idea of the key symptoms, such as which parts of the body are particularly affected, together with your prognosis. The medical evidence is primarily to support your descriptions - it cannot make the case for you.

    On the specific question of reconsideration of one component, you can state in your reconsideration submission that you are happy with the Daily Living award and do not wish to offer any further evidence in relation to those activities, but the entire decision will be looked at again. The most likely outcome if you state you are content with a recent award of a component and do not offer any further evidence in relation to those activities is that the award of that component will remain untouched, but there is no guarantee.

    The old DLA benefit was slightly different, as there was provision in the DLA regulations for reconsideration of one component only. Even so, a DLA decision maker had the power to ignore a request to reconsider only one component.

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