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Thread: ESA - Exceptional Circumstances Question?

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    Question ESA - Exceptional Circumstances Question?


    What does the Non-Functional Descriptors mean? I only scored 12 points and I was put in the Support Group, is it because it was answered Yes for one of the Non-Functional Descriptors that I was placed in the Support Group, just far as I'm aware I only scored 12 points and you need 15?

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    Gosh, I've absolutely no idea what Exceptional Circumstances are and I cannot recall answering it. I'm in the Support Group.

    Hopefully someone will come along and explain, I'm curious to know as well.

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    In the Work Capability Asessment Handbook (version 6, March 2013, section 3.8) there are two NFDs given, and yes they are only used in exceptional circumstances.
    The first puts you into WRAG, the second into either WRAG or suport group, regardless of your points score.
    You still have to do the full WCA.

    NOTE: The following are short descriptions, not the full definitions.

    The first NFD is for uncontrolled life threatening diseases. (Not terminal conditions they covered elsewhere).
    This applies only to LCW (WRAG) not to LCWRA (support group).

    The second NFD is where there is a disease, bodily disablement, or mental disablement that would have a substantial risk of harm to the claimant or to others if the claimant was not found to have Limited Capability for Work. (there are also clauses about workplace adjustments and medications to consider).
    This can apply to either LCW or LCWRA but would usually apply to both.

    Without knowing more, I would assume that the HCP has applied this second NFD because you previously mentioned heart condition would become too dangerous to yourself if you were made to do any work related activities.

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    look up esa regulations 29 and 35

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