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Thread: well it's about time !

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    well it's about time !

    Hi guys and girls.... I rang Capita this afternoon, to check the progress of my PIP claim.. and you could have knocked me over with a feather when I was told their report on my difficulties was complete
    They also said that the electronic copy of it will be sent to the D.W.P. by the end of the day
    and a hard copy of the same report will be following it soon.
    I'm sorry if I seem overwhelmed with happiness..... but it's been going on since early February
    The relief of drawing this business to a close, is wonderful after all the professionals that I've had to chase for their pieces of extra medical evidence......and all the letter sending to and fro from Hospitals to my G.P. and then me having to get my name... national insurance number... and Capita reference number printed on every single page of it "phew".
    They also confirmed that it will be back dated to when they received my claim (6th February 2014) which is around 37 weeks ago..... "goodness me"....that's over 9 months ago... and I've heard of some people on here waiting even longer

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    Whew, relief, sit down and recover...

    I remember having all my backpay - wow it was fantastic.

    Just sitting now waiting for my letter - for the change from DLA to PIP - May was when I returned the PIP2 Form, saw an assessor on the 8th October, now await the outcome.

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    Not being negative but it is the DWP's decision maker, not Capita who make the ultimate decision for any award so please don't count your chickens before they hatch.

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