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    Pip mr

    I applied for pip back in January 14 after waiting 10 months I got an appointment with atos at beginning of October I had an appointment lasting around an hour and 40 minutes which by the end I was getting anxious and needed to get out of there so wasn't answering questions clearly the lady that was interviewing me even said she can tell I was getting more unsettled and would hurry it along ( I suffer with anxity , Crohn's disease , kidney disease and arthritis) anyway I've had my decision letter back saying even tho they agree I'm ill I'm not ill enough someone will be calling with in the next week , I feel like I haven't been scored correctly , the lady that interviewed me asked if I can plan a journey which I agreed I can plan a journey in fact I have to cos I need to know where toilets are at all times but planning it isn't my problem doing it is I find it very hard to leave the house and didn't step foot out side my door for 2 years because I panic il be ill in public but she didn't point me for this ? Also financing I said I can do my own finances but it wasn't until I went back to car where my mum was that my mum pointed out that I don't do my own finances she does all my money goes in to her bank and she pays my bills . Will they over right these ? Even tho I said I could originally ?

    I feel very stressed about it all as I can't afford to live I'm meant to eat every 2 hours to be able to digest food but some times don't eat at all in days and can't afford to attend hospital appointments and I thought this is what pip was for ?

    Any help or advice would be much apriciated x

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    It would probably help you if you read the section of the sticky PIP thread about reconsideration and maximising the points scored (coloured text are links to follow, I'm suggesting you start reading from the "Reconsideration" heading of the linked post). If you follow the links, you will read about how Helen used the reconsideration process to move from no points at all to the enhanced rate of both components.

    You might also find it useful to read the sticky PIP thread more widely.

    Feel free to ask any questions that material throws up.

    I suspect you are in a very similar position to Helen following her initial decision - you missed out on points you should have been awarded because you did not give a clear and precise description of how your health conditions affect your ability to carry out the PIP activities.

    You asked about how you mental health problems apply to the "planning and following journeys" activity. This activity has three components:
    • planning a route
    • following the route plan, and
    • "overwhelming psychological distress" as a result of going out

    You have said you have no problems planning a route.

    You can only score points for "cannot follow the route of [an unfamiliar/a familiar] journey without another person, an assistance dog or an orientation aid" based on needing someone with you when you go out if your condition means you need help navigating yourself. If you are able to follow a route plan to get to your destination, you will not score any points from the "following" limb of this activity.

    Needing someone with you for mental health reasons is covered by the "overwhelming psychological distress" limb of "planning and following journeys". There are two descriptors in this limb:
    • "needs prompting to be able to undertake any journey to avoid overwhelming psychological distress to the claimant" for 4 points, and
    • "cannot undertake any journey because it would cause overwhelming psychological distress to the claimant" for 12 points.

    If your anxiety is so bad that you cannot go out at all on the majority of days, even if someone goes with you, you should be awarded the 12 point descriptor. If your anxiety means you can go out on the majority of days, but only if someone goes with you, you should be awarded the 4 point descriptor. However, you will only be awarded either of these descriptors if you give a clear enough description of how your condition affects you to persuade the decision maker that it is more likely than not you qualify for the descriptor.

    It is the situation in the year starting from the date of claim that matters - so some way in the past, to now, and a best guess as to how you will be in the future. How you were in the two years you were housebound is irrelevant to PIP now.

    So far as "making budgeting decisions" goes, you will only score the points for "needs prompting or assistance to be able to make complex budgeting decisions" if your condition means you are unable to manage and pay your bills on the majority of days. The fact that your money is paid to your mother who handles your bills for you is irrelevant. It's whether you can manage and pay bills despite your health conditions that matters, not whether you actually do these things.

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