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Thread: What are your hobbies?

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    Talking What are your hobbies?

    What is everyones hobbies? What do you all like doing in your spare time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheAmazingAtheist View Post
    What is everyones hobbies? What do you all like doing in your spare time?
    Spare time?? I suppose jewellery making, gardening (by proxy), swimming, belly dancing class, reading and watching TV and film. Travelling. Do a lot of that.

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    I love to read, especially historical fiction and non-fiction. I also like historical crime. Reading is a daily pleasure for me and I would be lost without my books. I usually have 2 on the go at once, 1 fiction, 1 non-fiction.

    I also love crafting, mainly handmade greetings cards, gift boxes etc. I have also made wedding invitations for close friends and family weddings. I do not do as much as I would like as my pain often prevents me and I also have carpal tunnel and arthritis, but I try to work through this as I see it as a kind of therapy. I used to make jewellery from beads etc, but have had to stop as the work is far too intricate for me now.

    I also love baking. I now have to use an electric mixer, (gone are the days when I could mix everything by hand) and my partner has to help me, such as putting things in and getting things out of the oven etc.

    Unfortunately, as our health declines, it has a big impact on our hobbies and social lives. I used to love dancing but this is now impossible, I also used to love going for long walks in the country when I was younger, fitter and healthier. But, at least I still have some hobbies/interests that I can pursue and I am grateful for that.
    What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

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    I love reading(anything and everything). I'm working my way through the 'classics' again at the moment.

    I also like writing..anything from short stories, to poems, to lyrics.

    Music - Listening, mainly. I have no musical talents at all! Like to go to gigs when I can.

    I enjoy quizzing - pubs quizzes and so on. Keeps my brain sharp

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    Whoops \i forgot to say my hobby.

    This is my hobby which can seem to be weird to other people. I love dressing up as a coyote and go to conventions. Yes you heard it right. A furry critter. It's my favorite hobby

    Here are the pics of my suit

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    I also like bodybuilding and traveling =)

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    Reading non fiction, mainly British and English history.
    Watercolour painting
    Building computers. Two on the go at the moment, one ordinary desktop, one ITX 7"X7"X3"

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    Reading, writing, photography, gardening, kiteflying.. I find my social life, such as it is.. Lulls.. Sometimes there will be several events on, sometimes its dull.. Plugging into a dialysis machine every other day is rather time consuming, but I usually make use of that by responding to emails surfing the web.. and so on. I try to go to the odd meetup (from and a couple of other groups I'm a member of but sometimes just don't have the energy. I'm the proxy gardener (sometimes) of @reddivine

    @TheAmazingAtheist I LOVE that coyote...

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    My hobbies:
    Reading mostly fiction - though if something interests me I'm happy to read it
    Photography - anything and everything, though mostly nature
    Genealogy - managed to go back to 1575 on one side of the family and another back to 1550
    Writing - Fiction
    Internet - anything and everything

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    Newbie here so you've had your warning. Reading is not popular at all! It is my number one favorite past time. Recently I've been reading about neuroplasticity which is supposed to help with chronic pain. I used to spend every morning walking on a nature trail; it was so beneficial physically and mentally. I have upcoming appointments to hopefully get the pain under control so I can walk and do pilates. I enjoy cooking for my husband although he doesn't always appreciate my efforts And I want to start writing.

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    I enjoy going to social clubs, going to bingo, listening to music, watching tv or films and using the Internet.

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