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Thread: Looking for a start up grant

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    Looking for a start up grant

    Hi. I am looking for a start up grant to become a Slimming World consultant. I am desperately trying to get back to work and this job opportunity is ideal for me at only 10 hours a week. I truly believe in the SW plan and have lost 10st since November 2013.
    I get high rate mobility middle rate care.
    Can anyone please advise me on how and who to approach please. It's basically a business start up being self employed but as a franchisee.
    Anyone who has experience with the jobcentreplus and what they can do to help me. I was previously a head chef and manager in catering units and this is not an option to return to the job I love.
    I have been down the stupid jcp route of doing English, maths, computing courses etc. I want to make the next step - I am in the support group of esa, am I right I thinking I get a bit more access to other resources available?

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    Well done on the weight loss.

    I have no experience with applying for this type of grant. In the past have used: have a look and see if there's anything to help.

    Good luck, let us know if you manage to get a 'start up grant'. Others may find it useful

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    JobcentrePlus section Access to Work can offer equipment, travel costs and additional support if you want to set up your own company for disabled people.

    I understand with a franchise you are buying intoo a ready made company who will offer business support. I think that they would need an upfront payment of say £30.000 - I don't know.

    Even if you could lay your hands on this sort of money you'd need to put together a business plan to present to a bank and open an account.

    Depends where you are working from.
    Look to your Local Authority to see if there are
    - regeneration grants
    - European Funding
    - Enterprise Allowance

    There might be a local scheme to help you get started but it usually invokes 'match funding' to share the risk

    It's very brave of you.considering in the last 48 hours this country has been forced into meltdown!!!

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    I believe start up grants are available from the Princes Trust. I have no idea of any criteria but it may be worth approaching them.

    The Trust has a good record of helping people setup their own businesses.

    Good luck
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    However much you believe in a business venture, it's vital to draw up a realistic business plan and confirm that the opportunity makes sense from a financial perspective.

    As a franchisee, you would almost certainly responsible for finding clients, though you might find you get some referrals. You will undoubtedly have costs relating to advertising, also costs for running sessions (hiring a room is not cheap and might involve entering into some sort of commitment), for travel and likely for insurance.

    If Slimming World allow it, you might like to consider using a limited company to own and operate the franchise. This gives you a degree of protection if the business fails.

    Being in the Support Group of ESA works against you for finance, as you cannot get a New Enterprise Allowance. 10 hours per week is not enough to get Working Tax Credit (you would need to work at least 16 hours per week for that), though you might be able to stay on ESA and do Slimming World as permitted work (the permitted work rules are complex and I am not familiar enough with how Slimming World works). You might be able to access help from Access to Work.

    I'm afraid I don't have any good ideas on where to turn for start up finance. If a business plan is good enough, you might be able to access commercial finance, though that is not that easy to come by these days.

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