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Thread: HELP: We need your thoughts on this mobility scooter idea....

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    I’ve just registered to say my dad has just bought a tga minimo and the reversing beeper/horn is a right pain, it’s too loud for reversing and not loud enough as a horn..... so we’ve had it in the workshop and disconnected it and added a stebel nautilus as the horn..... it’s much better now

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    I don't think the reverse warnings need to be so loud, there are plenty of scooters that don't have that defeaning beeping, I've found shopping online is best because it saves hassle. I've had a look around a site called Great British Mobility for mobility scooter finance but I've not come to a decision yet, have a look around if you like. There's all sorts of different scooters.

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    very interesting and informative it turned out to read all from the top. And found answers to their questions. I really like to find answers to my questions so quickly in a place on this website where people with experience answer these questions

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