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Thread: Looking for new car for wheelchair

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    Looking for new car for wheelchair

    Hi all, here's a question .

    I have a Berlingo xtr semi auto which is due to change this time next year but iam starting to look now to get some ideas .
    At the moment my chair in the boot has scratched hell out of the plastic seat backing and also ripped a hole in a rear seat due to wear and tear (motability are aware of this) and I belive the boot wasn't big enough to take my chair.

    So next time iam looking for a longer boot but finding this difficult as the contenders was.
    Citroen c4 grand Picasso (don't like jerky gear box like on my berlingo )
    Zafira but boot isn't long enough
    Touran but same again

    As I need seats up in rear for my family ( yes they still live at home my daughters at 22 ) but one is buying her own car this week( yes no more taking her to work at 5.30 in the morning two days a week)

    Any advice please

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    Have you thought of getting an automatic for a smooth jerk free ride?

    There are two vehicles that spring to mind if you're looking for wheelchair storage and keeping rear seating in position.

    A Renault Scenic can take a folded down manual wheelchair In the hatchback. Or look into Scenic Grand or Ford Galaxy.
    I'm sure our resident car expert 'Paul" can suggest a few others too.

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    7 Seater Options

    Are you looking for 7 seats rather than 5?

    Lighttouch, I believe she is already using an Auto but the Citroen/Peugeot EGS (Robotic Clutch) which often gives a jerky ride if you don't back off the accelerator before changing gear (listening to the revs), it must be quite a tiring car to drive if you don't master the gearbox.

    If you are in need of 7 seats and a long boot you need a full size 7 seater and not the smaller hatches.
    [Length of boot floor with Rear seats in place / Rear seat down (in cm)]

    The Berlingo boot lengths are 35.2 / 80.8cm, and so with the 2 rearmost seats down in the above vehicles you have a minimum of 10.7cm (4") and a maximum of 116.7cm (46") extra space - should be more than enough.

    Your original list measurements

    Compared to the Berlingo the Zafira Tourer with rear seats down would provide an extra 99cm (39") in length, 180cm (71") total, the standard Zafira is now very old and I would avoid it if you can.

    The Ford Tourneo Connect is only a 5 seater but as it's based on the Transit it has a huge boot, you may find that the Grand 7 seater is on the scheme but you may have to check with Ford - I can't look at the moment as I'm at work.

    If it's a 5 seater you need then I'll have another think.
    You could have a look yourself using the excellent RICA search pages, they measure all new cars particularly looking whether wheelchairs will fit either folded or unfolded!
    Look on the main page above, look down the 'Quick Search' column, check "Wheelchair fits without having to fold any seats", and click "Search"
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    Would something like a ford mondeo or Vauxhall insignia fit your requirements. The boots are huge, particularly in the mondeo.

    Never had to get a wheelchair into one but have had to load up other large items without a problem.

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    The berlingo I have is auto/semi auto but it still jerks , worse in auto mode.

    Iam going to measure the boot space on their web site compare to what I have on the berlingo .
    My electric chair is a handicare beatle front wheel drive that uses a hoist to put in the back of car.

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    Quote Originally Posted by carl30 View Post
    Would something like a ford mondeo or Vauxhall insignia fit your requirements. The boots are huge, particularly in the mondeo.

    Never had to get a wheelchair into one but have had to load up other large items without a problem.
    The boot and tailgate height you need for a power chair and hoist typically rules out cars like the Insignia or Mondeo.

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    Having a large family and myself needing a power wheelchair I can vouch for the Ford S-Max fitted with a power hoist. I can leave the middle row of seats up so it will accommodate five adults and the power chair fully laden.

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    Has you're a previous VanMan, would that not be the best direction to go in ? VW Transport or Renault Trafic would give you the space you need, yet still get in multi-story car parks etc.
    A full automatic gearbox is a rare thing these days, as you know the Sprinter is one but not many others. I'm sure the VW Vans still are, unless they have gone over to the DSG "box" although it's one of the better semi-autos on the market.
    Have you looked at the long wheel base VW Caddy ?
    Go look at the VW transporter vans , I think you will be impressed
    Motability vehicle history....
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    2011 Mercedes Sprinter (Ricon tail lift), 2018 Renault Master MWB (Braun taillift)..all vans have been wheelchair accessible.

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