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Thread: Telephone call from Disability Team

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    Telephone call from Disability Team

    Hi Everyone

    Having had decision refused, mandatory consideration refused, we then asked for appeal...............we had 7 points ...and felt that some of the other descriptors has not been considered despite our sending in more information and evidence.

    I received a telephone call this morning as Power of Attorney from DWP disability appeals on witheld number ........To tell me that they had relooked at it and were awarding us another 2 points which means we are now eligible for the basic rate i was so taken aback that i forgot to ask how long for and if there would be any backpay.............

    I have no number for Dwp department to find information out wondered if this has happened to anyone else

    Summer x

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    If you appeal, DWP reconsider the decision again based on your appeal submission. If this results in a change in the claimant's favour, that decision is implemented and the appeal lapses, otherwise DWP make their submission to HM Courts and Tribunals Service.

    The reconsideration remade the original decision, so the award will run from the date of claim or the date the PIP criteria had been satisfied for three months, whichever is the later.

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    Many Thanks Flymo.............pleased to say 14 months to the day the payments will go in as from tomorrow with a 4 year award thanks to all in here that have helped and to those of you waiting and waiting and waiting.............hang on in there and MAKE SURE YOU APPEAL its got to be worth it in the end ...............Thanks x

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    Need some advice please as I was told today that my PIP claim was denied. Totally gutted, my claim was based on loss of hearing, RA and fecal incontinence. I will have to have surgery to repair my sphincter muscle and this is not a fix it situation it is just to give me some dignity. I am a mother of 2 and not able to socialise properly as it interferes with socialising. Also I have a Bellmans system fitted in my home to allow me to hear and respond to certain things. I don't know what they base their decision on but it is really unfair in my opinion.

    I am going to appeal need some advice on how to do so once the letter arrives.

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    Hi Momof2

    I'm not very clued up on PIP, others with more experience will no doubt answer soon.

    However to get you started the usual advice is to read the sticky PIP thread that has lots of experience and advice on reconsiderations and appeals.
    Click on this blue writing to go there.

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    Thanks for the information, it is amazing that they can turn your decision down when you are being honest and true as to the extent of your condition its as though they just randomly pick who to approve or disapprove. There are so many fakers out there who are getting away with claiming benefits and the honest one are being denied. Going to plan on what I need to say and write to whoever calls.

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    Flymo I was wondering if you had any advice to give to me when I receive the letter as I intend to ask for a reconsideration as I think that the decision maker has made the wrong decision.

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    nukecad has already pointed you to the sticky PIP thread. I posted there about reconsideration and maximising your points (coloured text are links you can click to follow). If you go there and follow the links to Helen's reconsideration experience (the last section of the linked post), you will hopefully get a better idea of how to use reconsideration to your advantage.

    The key thing to remember is that PIP is based on the effect of your conditions on your ability to carry out the PIP activities.

    It's not the existence of your faecal incontinence that is most important, but whether your incontinence means you need assistance, supervision, prompting or some sort of aid to manage your toileting. Your incontinence might also mean you need to change clothes, which might combine with your rheumatoid arthritis to increase the needs you have washing, bathing, undressing and dressing.

    Similarly, it's not the existence of your rheumatoid arthritis that matters, but how that arthritis limits your walking ability.

    In most cases, the only person who can paint a full picture of the effects of their conditions is the claimant. The decision maker can draw some inferences, but only when those inferences are more likely than not to be true. Quite often, failing to give a full account of the effects of your condition means you lose points you would otherwise have scored.

    There's no set format for a reconsideration request, though I'd encourage your to keep it as structured as possible, using headings to help the reader navigate what you write.

    I hope this helps - I'll do my best to answer any further questions.

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    Thank you very much Flymo will keep you up to date.

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