Hi everyone, i hope you are all well.

We have a son aged 24 with CP. For the last 6 years he has been living away from home in residential care in Shropshire which has been funded by SS in Hampshire.

The residential home he is in, has gone considerably down hill and the journey takes 3hrs there & 3hrs back, so we can't get there as much as we would like.

We have taken the decision to move him closer to home and have found a lovely residential care home in Berkshire.

SS have recently made a decision to refuse our son to go to the residential care home in Berkshire, due to it being "out of County". I.E. they want us to find a care home within Hampshire.

We have looked at care homes in Hampshire, but we do not feel any of them are suitable for our son, and both our son and us have our hearts set on him going to the one in Berkshire.

Can anyone offer any suggestions on how we should proceed to try and get SS to change their minds?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many many thanks.