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    Reddivine I know the feeling. Every couple of months work requires me to have a day in London, I'm in Manchester. It mostly works OK but this week I was ages waiting for the ramp at the end of both journeys. Late and cross, a letter has been written.
    I recently travelled to London by train. Train set off on time, though en-route we were delayed by half an hour. As soon as we pulled into Paddington, everyone rushed off. I was trying to get off the train but was pushed about and back into the carriage because of the crowd entering. Finally made it to the door before it took off again. I was terribly flustered and worried I couldn't get off in time.

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    Oh that's horrible Amy, makes us dread the next journey. I'd caught 7am train from Manchester (as I always do with work) always jam packed with suited commuters working away, but surprisingly several people did see that I was stuck and said they would tell someone I was there. Despite this I was starting to think I'd be going back to Manchester!

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    I think the main area is train assisted travel it's failed me too much previously, I've just given up booking. I think a large part of the problem is people if you book can get you muddled with someone with other disabilities. I've personally had complaint after complaint and only the last few years I've got to know the train company in my area and just be luck I'm known by the local station staff at Cambridge and it's actually been better for me if I need to get assistance to actually ask at the station office where they know me and will phone the destination there and then and assistance then works. I've even had failings from the now former First Capital Connect getting me muddled with a wheelchair user.

    Mind you the strange thing is, Reading earlier in this year on one occasion asked for assistance to be booked for the return journey and mentioned previous failings, well they can't be faulted due to busy train put me in first class and since then it has come to my realisation if I pay a little more I have access to lounges in London if I go down most of which have drinks and staff to hand and for me it makes more sense and I get nicer seats to. So it's actually a better experience, but the Liverpool Street line, the one station which needs work is Bishops Stortford, I struggle with that getting on the train on Platform 1 (Cambridge direction) and so often have to ask staff for help it's annoying due to the platform curve - This would be solved if the station gets rebuilt but it's one of those things.

    Mind you, ticket revenue team on that line - I have hardly seen them, but they know me and on the one occasion they did see me and I was trying to get on, they just dropped what they were doing and came and helped me and off at the destination, they really have gone beyond the call of duty and I can't praise them enough for the help they've given me and that's something not everyone gets.

    The general disability awareness training could do with improving on the rail network, and if they could do what London has a achieved a turn up and go policy this would be perfect. Mind you when I've asked for help, I can't fault them at all.

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