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Thread: ESA Severe Disability Premium

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    ESA Severe Disability Premium

    Hi all. If someone could be so kind and clarify sdp payments for me please. I've recently been awarded esa sg @ 123.70 pw. and also pip standard daily living. The only official info regarding Disability Premiums on the gov.uksite relates to income support. It states if entitled you receive basic rate of 31.85pw and you can get an additional extra amount of 61.10pw on top. If someone could advise on what I would likely to get It'd be much appreciated. Finally if I do get awarded sdp. When would it be back dated to presuming it would be? Esa original claim date feb2014 being advised that will be back dated to may of this yr. And my pip claim march 2014 and back dated to then, if I am awarded sdp is it back dated to the original pip or after the 14week esa claim date?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Hi. Yes live alone. Not reg blind and have no carer nor anyone claiming CA for me, and sorry but you say the time from being awarded pip, my claim for pip was march 2014. notice of entitlement was 2 weeks ago and that stated it was back dated to march, so would it be march for the sdp dack date,or 2 weeks ago when I rreceived notification of entitlement?

    Thank you for your help

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    Hi. Yeah I think I'm understanding it lol. I applied for esa 13 feb 2014 and was called by dwp 2 days ago advising of being awarded it. I applied for pip 14 march 14 and had confirmation 2weeks ago. My pip back dated to original start of claim. And was advised my esa will be back dated minus the 14week initial period. So from my dates and your information, am I correct in thinking my sdp would be back dated to 13 feb 2014.

    Thanks again

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    Hi again. Yep understand that now. Grant- Thank you

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    Hi and thank you. Makes sense indeed. Just tried to call dwp to see if they have received the IS10 I sent 22/9/14 and they are yet to receive it. And advised me to go to a job centre and request one and for them to scan it and send it to the benefit centre. Not sure whether to waita few more days or go and get It delt with tomorrow?

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    I sent back my IS10 on Friday of last week, I attached a first class stamp to it and I phoned today to see if they had received it only to be surprised and told a decision was made today that I am entitled to SDP of £61 per week and this will be backdated to March 21st ( when I made my original PIP claim)
    So all in all it really only took 1 week from sending away to decision.

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    I regarded Grant's figures as rather pessimistic.

    Typically, it takes around a week from posting something to it being scanned onto DWP's system. The delay in dealing with your correspondence once it is scanned is variable. Uncomplicated administrative matters, like the award of Severe Disability Premium to someone who lives alone and who already receives a means tested benefit, might be dealt with in a day or less, depending on the queue at the office in question. Complex matters that require further enquiries, such as consideration of entitlement to Severe Disability Premium when a tenancy agreement or similar documentation needs to be obtained and scrutinised, might take several weeks at minimum to be dealt with.

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    received another is10 form that the dwp sent me and returned it 6/10/14 and called them today and the chap advised me that the system had been updated that they have received my form and to give them a couple of days and to call them back:-) so Wednesday I shall do just that and shall update further. Thanks for ur info Flymo and fluffycustard :-)

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    Well, today is industrial action day at the dwp call centres!? On hold for 32mins only to have a very unhelpful woman be so obnoxious towards me. So I'll be on the phone tomorrow and hopefully someone nicer will pick up the phone lol

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    Further update:
    Text from DWP today. They have received the change of circumstance to my ESA. So thought I'd call them. Did so to be advised they have processed the application and I meet the conditions for SDP and any back pay will be paid, said that she couldn't give a figure as it is still to be calculated but should be on the system tomorrow. I could anyone tell me what the frequency the sdp payments are paid? My esa will be paid this Thursday-so could it be that the sdp is paid at the same fortnightly period?

    Thank you.

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