Hi All

My PIP Claim was granted 10 days ago, however as its for over 5k in back pay (its taken 12 months ) it now hasto go though extra security and or quality checks before my payments start and my arreras are paid .

What does this actually mean ?

Does ANYONE know how long it might take? Ive phoned DWP daily and been told "oh its normally quicker than this " and "Oh it takes AGES"

My car recently broke down, I cant walk and im struggling big time, so with my award letter I ordered a mobility car, however it has an advance payment on it to meet my needs , the car will be ready in around aweek and a half, but I have no money to pay the advance payment until the DWP release my arreras

I assume my claim is ok as I got a letter from mobility with my PIN to collect the car as and when its ready