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Thread: The power of social media .... Twitter

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    The power of social media .... Twitter

    It was very saddening to hear that 60 dogs were killed through the actions of a young arsonist.

    But how amazing what happened next. People heard about the tragedy through social media very quickly. And a person felt the need to try and raise £5000 to help the cause.

    A Just Giving account was set up and somebody must have tweeted a few celebrities who in turn 'retweeted' the request for a donation.

    Celebrities can have followings that run into millions of people who could potentially donate but they can retweet the message too.

    The result is a snowballing of the message in a very short space of time.

    In the morning yesterday I'd heard that £150,009 had been raised. 12 hours later that. Figure had raised to £1 million!

    Before you knew it the sad story had taken on a life of it's own due to people wanting to help.

    It goes to show you how powerful social media can be used effectively with no initial outlay.

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    It is encouraging but I am so angry at the moron who did this. They should put him in a burning building and let him find his way out.

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