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Thread: help me choose a car

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    help me choose a car

    My daughter is a wheelchair user, are there any cars anyone can recommend that can get a wheelchair in apart from WAVs?
    Or can a normal car be adapted? Thanks

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    There's two key questions.

    What ability does your daughter have to transfer, and can she walk a few paces?

    What sort of chair does your daughter use (manual, powered - and does it fold)?

    If your daughter is unable to leave her chair without hoisting, there's no viable alternative to a WAV. If your daughter can travel seated in a vehicle with her chair on board as cargo, there are other options (and it is better from a crashworthiness point of view to transfer into a vehicle seat if possible).

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    She is 10 and is still learning how to transfer from her wheelchair to a couch. She uses a manual chair which does fold. She can walk a few steps with help and she can travel seated in a vehicle.

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    Hi jhane

    Sounds like the main criteria would be the capacity of a vehicle boot to take a wheelchair but there are also lots of other considerations such as seat height when transferring in/out of the vehicle. I suggest that you have a look at the RICA site - the motoring section has lots of info about getting into/out of vehicles and stowage of wheelchairs. The car search also has a car by car section giving the critical dimensions eg seat height. door opening, sill height etc - it also has pictures of the vehicles showing for example how a wheelchair is stowed in the boot. This link might be helpful
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    The tricky thing about 10 year olds is they can grow a lot in 3 years! It sounds as though you need to focus on how she will get in and out of the car. See what height of car (and seat) is easiest for her. Also some cars have a higher sill at the door opening which might be more difficult for her. Some cars (apologies I'm definitely not a car expert so don't know which) have doors which slide, this may give her more space to climb in and out. Always check the wheelchair will fit by trying it, don't just take the car salespersons word for it. The wheelchair she uses may change over three years so I would choose a car with a bigger boot than you currently need just in case. Also think about you lifting the chair in and out and see if anything would help.

    Good luck!

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    Your daughter needs:
    - wide opening doors
    - seats around the same height as your daughter's hips - or lower (from ground to seat) so that she can transfer easier
    - decent size boot to accommodate the wheelchair.

    Use the RICA website to search for vehicles which meet those needs
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    We have the Zafira tourer 7 seats, wheelchair fits lovely in the boot but you obviously lose 2 seats.Hope you find something suitable

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