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Thread: Pip So Far (sorry if long post)

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    Pip So Far (sorry if long post)

    Hi everyone, I have found these threads on pip very helpful and thought I would tell my pip tale so far.
    I applied for pip on March 14Th of this year due to being registered as partially sighted due to meningitis leaving brain scarring on my optical nerve as well as anxiety and low/next to no function in one hand due to being stabbed and then falling and completely shattering a joint in my finger ( both incidents same hand!) which now has low/no function.
    After waiting and waiting and phoning every week since June I was repeatedly being told "You're in the scrutiny process", I reached out to my local MP for help who responded back within a week with info from ATOS saying basically I had to wait my turn. Then 2 weeks ago I phoned and the lady on the phone told me an appointment letter had been sent out and i should receive it in a couple of days. I never received the letter. Luckily I took note of the appointment. So today my mum and dad drove me to the appointment for 9am, we arrived, mum guided me in and we were greeted by a lovely receptionist. Within 5 minutes a lady came out who helped us into the lift and took us to a room with a desk, computer and chairs. She explained how they aren't actually ATOS but are a company subcontracted by ATOS to help deal with the load. She explained how she had already read my neurologist report and other evidence hence no bright lights in the room and she didn't want me to do the usual vision test as any strain causes me extreme migraines. During what seemed more like a nice chat about how my disability affects me she typed up everything as myself and my mother were speaking and was very nice and patient. I was asked questions such as what hobbies do you do, can i go out myself, can I get in the bath myself, can I read signs etc. She then did a 2 minute test with my fingers to see how much I could move and grip. After this she then said how its so horrible for such a dramatic change in life at my age (22) and that everything I have said corresponds with evidence provided and that she'll be sending my report back today and I shall have my decision soon. I told her about not receiving the letter and she grabbed her diary, made note and said a few people have said this and that she'll be informing her manager as the appointments are sent out by ATOS not the company she works for. I am so relieved to have this part of the claim done and over and I am fingers crossed I have a good decision and won't need the stress of appeal! Sorry for long post guys x

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    ATOS subcontract essentially all of their PIP assessment work. I was impressed by the contractor that did my assessment, especially by the physiotherapist who was my assessor.

    I'm glad you felt the threads here on PIP were useful. I've tried hard to make the sticky thread a useful resource and try my best to provide helpful information on PIP.

    My experience was somewhat similar to yours, as I fell ill overnight when I was 18. I'm now 39, and whilst my disability will be permanent, I've found a fulfilling and rewarding life. Remember that you are not defined by your disability.

    It typically takes a few weeks for the report to make its way into the DWP system and for a decision to be made and issued. I hope you get a decision you feel is fair and correct - if not, I'm sure we'll do our best to help with reconsideration.

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    The threads really have helped me keep calm especially knowing just how many people are going through this! Although I have the disabilities I have I have learned that I can learn to live with them and am no where near as poorly as some people are. Aswell as the fact I survived meningitis with only vision issues whereas some people lose so much more.
    Youre a very inspirational and kind person Flymo and its amazing the amount of effort and time you put in to helping others, Thanks so much again and i shall update when I next hear from DWP. Good luck to every one going through this and I wish you all the best Flymo

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    hello I found this site has help me throughout my pip claim my story so far in nov 2012 i had a mental break down could not face any thing i had a small engineering company that i had ran for over 20 years and did really well so the break down came out off the blue,in the dec when i was at the doctors about tablets for my health , i asked him to look at my mouth/ tongue he looked and made appointment for me the next day at the hospital turns out i have head and neck cancer early jan in hospital for first of three operations one in jan two in the feb two in mouth one on the neck i sold my company in the april seamed to make sense at the time i got enough money to make life a bit more easy for my wife and two children i.e. no moorage etc. the cancer side off thing is looking good and aim getting stronger all the time the operation on the neck has caused me some problems with hands and head movement as their had to cut through the main muscle in the neck and their have never gone right again and i also end up with lymphedema in the head and neck,so as i had more time on my hands and i was told about pip i looked in to a claim and came across this site this was sept 2013 i read the different letter and in the 4 dec 2013 i applied for pip, i got all the info about my condition doctors / hospital/mind / etc on the 22 july 2014 i got a home vist with atos lady was nice i had all my paper work on the table i had every appointment card i have from the hospital etc my doctor had written me a full report on my condition and problems i face the appointment lasted one hour 40 min my brother was with me, on the 8 aug 2014 i received letter i was awarded full daily living component 27 points and full mobility component 16 points and i put this down to this site me reading all the different letter and i followed the advice given and after all this i have another home vist on wed 17 sept at 9 am about my esa face to face as i am in a support group so i have being getting all my info all back up to date i hope this posting mite help other like it help me, sorry for spelling mistake regards palmer

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    Hey Palmer Im really very sorry to hear about everything that has happened to you! Its crazy how everything can be fine then one day something pushes you completely off track. I used to work as a care assistant and had plans to be a nurse but alas my vision problems have stopped this. So happy to hear about your award and that you didnt have to go through the horrible appeals process! I have only just had my assessment so I still have to play the waiting game till I get my decision but fingers crossed

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    Hi there am new to the forum. Really sorry Palmer this whole thing must be very stressful for you. Glad you got a decision and a good one too. I had my decision in May and was awarded Enhanced daily living and standard mobility which am very grateful. We asked for reconsideration as we believe I qualify for the enhanced rate. I received a call and I explained to them my reason. I was asked if I had further evidence from a Dr which I supplied. All this was since May. I was told a decision will be out second week of September. On Wednesday this week I received a lump sum payment in my account. I am really confused as there is no letter and I don't know what this payment is for. Has anyone had this kind of experience? I called the next day and the lady I spoke to couldn't see anything on system. She said someone will call me back within five days. Still waiting.

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    hi weatbix/fluffycustard thank you for your kind words I received a lump sum payment in my account and then recived a letter 5 days later on the 8 aug about my awards so hopefully you have being awarded more money regards palmer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Weatbix View Post
    I was told a decision will be out second week of September. On Wednesday this week I received a lump sum payment in my account. I am really confused as there is no letter and I don't know what this payment is for. Has anyone had this kind of experience? I called the next day and the lady I spoke to couldn't see anything on system. She said someone will call me back within five days. Still waiting.

    Hi Weatbix,

    I would think that you have got HRM now and the lump sum would have been the payment backdated to the start of your claim, that's what it seems like. (but don't hold me to that!) well done, very happy for everyone that has won there claim for PIP, and i hope the one's that are waiting for PIP also get it.

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    Thanks guys for your lovely replies. I have calculated the amount paid and it seems the payment has been backdated but no letter. As Palmer said, I think the letter if any, will come 5 days later so hopefully next week fingers crossed. It's been such a stressful journey. Really keeping my fingers crossed.

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    Good news then Weatabix A friend told me that you tend to just receive the payment then receive a letter a few days later so it sounds like this has deffo happened to you aswell

    Good luck with your esa assessment Palmer, I hope everything goes well!

    And Marcus I am getting so stressed and nervous waiting for my pip decision, I just hope it's good news as I dont think I could handle the stress of appeal/reconsideration etc.

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