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Thread: MP's 10% pay rise!

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    MP's 10% pay rise!

    IPSA (Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority) wants to award MPs an inflation busting 10% pay rise, because "they are worth it", and because "If you don't then you get crappy MPs". All this while disabled people suffer from financial loss, poverty etc... I REALLY HATE POLITICIANS AND THEY NOT DOING ANYTHING FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES. WE ARE LIKE RATS TO THEM THAT LIVE IN SEWERS!

    MP's don't deserve a massive pay rise. UNFAIR and stupid!

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    The proposed pay rise gives off the wrong message, but it's also important to see it in context. The overall remuneration package will not be increasing by anything like 10%, as these proposals include cuts to expenses and pension benefits.

    Historically, MP's expenses were seen as rather a soft touch and a perk of the job, which was one of the reasons that led to the expenses scandal. It is inappropriate for expenses to cover anything other than legitimate expenses for the job undertaken (rather than duck houses or the ability to improve your home at public expense by changing which home is designated as your second home).

    With expenses trimmed back, the outcome of IPSA's work is inevitable - they are required by law to draw comparisons with other senior jobs and the base salary of an MP has fallen behind that of a senior civil servant, diplomat or judge.

    Yet again, as the Telegraph article suggests, this is a case of politicians attacking the outcome of the laws they have created rather than changing the law to achieve their desired outcome.

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