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Thread: saturday night boredom!

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    Quote Originally Posted by flowerangelx View Post
    What does everyone else do on friday/saturday nights?
    Bonjour à tous

    I normally watch French television. French television provides superb family type entertainment like it used to be here in the UK 25/30 years ago. Programmes on both evenings include light entertainment, a quality talent show (similar to X-Factor or Britain's Got Talent) presenting children and teenagers only, a circus, quiz shows, etc.

    I purchased a second-hand French TV satellite receiver on eBay for next to nothing earlier this year. The obvious disadvantage however is that you require a reasonable knowledge of the French language.

    Au revoir pour l'instant

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    I rarely go out in the evenings, I am a single mum of one. I normally watch the tv or surf on the internet in the evenings, once my son has gone to bed. I do occasionally get lonely time to time, would be nice to meet someone special. Please to have x-factor and strictly back on our screen. (I know, I sound sad)
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    Hope you are feeling better, Flymo.

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    I have been making the most of new friendships recently

    On saturday nights I usually watch crime programs. "Crimes that shook Britain" and so on. Or I read.

    Still haven't finished sorting through my music. I actually lost the will to live an hour after I posted this thread because I was struggling to concentrate

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