So, this June my DLA award of higher rate mobility came to an end. My reward was granted for 2 years at tribunal, the panel informed me that the reason it wasn't awarded for a longer time was because i was due to attend an intense rehabilitation course which meant my back condition had a chance to improve.

My condition hasn't improved it's worsened and considering the two words used to describe my condition are CHRONIC and DEGENERATIVE, what more would you expect?

Anyway, my mum made my last claim cause I was under 16 but as I turned 17 this year in March (2014, 3 months before my award was due to finish) I went to my local citizens advice bureau for help filling out my claim. I found it uncomfortable and felt as though the guy writing it did not at all times write it in my best interest but I got my mum to read through it and she added some extra info.

In August I received a letter stating that Capita would be coming to my home for an assessment on the 26 August. 3 weeks before my assessment I was diagnosed with sciatica and taken for urgent scans and put on new medication (which surely boosts my case further?) as they are worried this may now also be chronic. So, the lady from capita came to my house, I gave her all revenant information about my condition and explained how much it effects my daily life. e.g I'm a sixth form student and despite being on a part time time table I still only manage at best 3 days a week. Cannot get on public transport i.e cannot walk to bus stop and seats on the bus to not have lumbar support so are not suitable.

And despite my mobility being severely limited I struggle the most with sitting and standing, I can walk fine in movement but it just causes me a lot of pain and therefore I cannot walk far at all. I look fairly "well" and I am a very determined person, sometimes to my detriment. The excersises i was asked to perform by the nurse at the assessment were extremely basic in relation to somebody who has a spinal condition i.e lift arm, stand on tip toes, I can do these movements and likely always will be able to (I was a dancer for 10 years).

Due to me not being completely bed ridden and forcing myself into school despite my pain because i know i need to be there to study to get good grades as Im hoping to study Law at university next year i'm worried that I do not fit the bog standard mobility category. Despite my condition being extremely debilitating and health specialists admitting that medication only damages my body as my condition has spread to my brain no pain killers will alleviate the pain my condition causes me. The assessor herself said that when she was presented with my case she had to do research and further reading to grasp a slight understanding as the condition is so complex and rare.

But my outlook is to make the most of life and to never let something such as a disability define you so i try and do as much as possible but I'm worried this will have a negative affect on my claim and I've heard numerous stories regarding difficulty with being granted higher rate mobility. The money I receive helps me live as normal a life as possible and though i will never be able to do the things all other teenagers do this helps me to not become completely isolated from the world.

Any advice/comments welcome. Id love to hear from somebody who was on higher rate mobility DLA and what they now receive/don't receive on PIP.

I've been told to expect a decision in 4-6 weeks,