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Thread: Suggestion to admin for a new sub forum.

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    Suggestion to admin for a new sub forum.

    Just a suggestion here for the forum admin/moderators.

    I have been following and posting in the thread "Unable to post or start threads again" in the News and general discussion forum.

    I have also been having a different problem with some of my own posts getting moderated.
    I assume its the spam-o-matic settings thats doing this.
    I think its doing this this is because I'm using acronyms of four letters or more in some posts, or maybe just too many acronyms in the same post.

    Anyway my suggestion is that you may consider a forum for "Your Feedback About This Site" where members can report any issues they are experiencing with using the forum and ask questions about how to use specific features or advanced options.

    We use this on other sites where I moderate and it helps highlight how members are using the site and what, if any, improvements they would like to see.

    If you want to check it out this is the sort of thing I mean:

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    I thought the problem was with my anti malware software or my security on my pc but it must be something else i tried switching from explorer to google chrome and it seems better.

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    Hi tinytim

    This post was originally from a few months ago.

    Since then there has been more discussion on this and the problem has been seen on some other vBulletin run forums as well.

    The problem does seem to be with Internet Explorer, especially older versions running on Windows XP, and switching to another browser, (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc), seems to solve it.
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    Am I right in thinking Internet Explorer is supported by Apple and IE is being developed to work on newer OS X system software.

    Firefox is also a good browser in my experience.

    Oe of the issues I have with the mobile friendly version of this website is that the facility to download jpegs from your phone isn't available.

    Granted 3G connectivity is perhaps a little slow and you might time out before getting the image online.

    However, more smartphones are 4G enabled and can use the signal that's 4 times quicker and capable of downloading jpegs in seconds.

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    The "new" Internet Explorer for Apple is actually a remote cloud based browser that is intended to allow web developers using non-Windows machines to test their sites on Internet Explorer without having to run a Windows virtual machine on their local computer.

    If Safari isn't working out, it's probably best to look at Firefox or Chrome. I'm not sure about which versions of these browsers are supported on which versions of OS X and iOS, as I'm not an Apple user.

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