Etac Balder F280 powerchair owner, Tilly Griffiths (right), ensures nothing holds her back and she lives life to the full. Tilly is currently enjoying festival season and writes about it in her fabulous blog 'Flying Beyond My Dreams' at http://www.tillygriffiths.blogspot.co.uk/

Here is a brief excerpt of her latest escapade.....

The Festival Season Rolls On!

We have now experienced V Festival, and what a weekend it was! After managing to secure such fantastic positions at the previous, much smaller festivals, we were pretty certain that there was no chance of us getting up close when competing with a whopping 90,000 people!

Equipped with our wellies and flowers in our hair - what else could you need? - we made our way to Weston Park. We arrived in plenty of time, giving us the opportunity to check out the site for accessibility. We decided not to camp this year, but after seeing the facilities, we are seriously considering it for next time! I've never been camping at all yet - the whole 'Glamping' thing sounds rather appealing actually - but I guess all I'd really need is a relatively big tent and an electrical hook-up for my overnight machines and charging my power-chair.

We retrieved our wristbands for the accessible viewing platform just in case it was, for once, in a good position, yet, once again, you'd need binoculars to see anything. We slowly made our way around the arena, checking out where everything was and as we approached the main stage, we realised that there was actually a space on the front barrier! My chair immediately went on to turbo-charge, and sped across the field - it's amazing what you can do when a front row spot is at stake! Read more....