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Thread: David Cameron goes on holidays

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    Angry David Cameron goes on holidays

    He goes on holidays while some people with disabilities can't even get a holiday, Struggling for food and poverty, losing there benefits due to farce ATOS! Like David goes and says "Making a fair society" While in reality it's very unfair! ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING AND NATIONAL DISGRACE!

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    It astounds me just how they get voted in. As ever doing what is good and the right.

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    I wish David Scamoron and all his cronies would go on a permanent holiday!!!!
    What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

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    I'm not sure its fair to blame ATOS.

    OK they aren't/weren't doing a very good job of it, but they got conned into it in the first place.

    The job got much bigger than the one they were told they were taking on, and they got overwhelmed when it seemed too late to back out.
    Of course as we all know they did eventually say enough is enough we are not taking all this sh*t anymore.
    I would have loved to have seen the fun at THAT meeting.

    They were conned by the government into taking the flack for the goverments cuts policy whilst the politicians got away with it.

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    As nukecad says, much of what is wrong with ESA is not ATOS' fault. It's ministers and not ATOS that are responsible for how ESA is constructed, including the points system that gives no points to many people who are clearly unfit to work, and repeated reassessment. ATOS are compelled to follow the regulations whether they agree with them or not.

    ATOS bear most of the blame for the lengthy delays and for the poorly carried out assessments, for which they have paid a high price in their poor reputation and forced exit from the ESA contract.

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    What annoys me about Cameron is this very fake projection of a 'Good Guy' doing what is right. As if he is on the side the of people.
    A modern day if.
    The gap between rich and poor is widening and the disabled are being treated worst of all. Hardly "Making a fair society".
    All the time the politicians smile as if this will make us feel things are improving. They are not.

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