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Thread: The Patient Transport Ambulance Service

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    The Patient Transport Ambulance Service

    This afternoon I attended a physiotherapy group session at a local hospital. As always a 'Patient Transport' ambulance was provided to convey me to the hospital, and we picked up two more disabled folk on the way.

    Towards the end of our 1 hour session the ambulance driver walked into the hospital gymnasium 5 minutes before the end and demanded that we leave immediately and go to the waiting ambulance as he had a "tight time schedule to meet". Unfortunately none of the physiotherapists spoke out, so the 3 of us lost the final 5 minutes from our 60 minute session. I've been receiving regular physiotherapy ever since I was discharged from hospital in October 2012 and I've always been transported by ambulance. I will say that the only previous problems I've experienced before has been ambulances failing to arrive on a number of occasions to take me to the hospital and also my wheelchair was damaged by ambulance staff on two occasions. The latter is no longer a problem as I'm now walking again using 2 walking sticks and fortunately the NHS Wheelchair Service undertook the repairs.

    Has anyone else on this forum experienced any problem(s) with the Hospital Transport Service?

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    got a 73 year old person here, ambulance transport had changed their criteria and only wanted to know if he could make his own way to hospital even though we have no car and the journey is well over 100 miles round trip!

    secondly i had to go same hospital for an angiogram, no problems getting ambulance transport there and back but while at hospital after the procedure was done i first of all went in to shock and secondly had trouble with bleed out as they call it, while all this was happening the transport turned up early and without a second thought to the dangers of another bleed out i was rushed out of the hospital simply through impatience, not one thought was even given to the risks of another bleed out which was high with this procedure.

    to sum up i basically wasn't given enough time to recover due to transport turning up too early, would i go back there again, nope.

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