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Thread: help getting a washing machine

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    help getting a washing machine

    Can I get help getting a washing machine

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    Hi cgore71,

    Thank you for your enquire. Have you tried contacting Turn2Us? Have a look at the link below for their website:

    They can help you find the right benefit or grant.

    Kind regards,
    DLF team

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    Assuming that the barrier is financial, the answer depends on which benefits you receive and why you do not currently have a useable washing machine.

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    Depending on your circumstances you may be able to get a butgeting loan from the social fund.
    Among other things you can use this for is "Furniture and household equipment" so that would cover a washing machine.
    You do have to pay it back but I belive its 0% interest.
    You can find more info on the CAB website here:

    Another thing you might want to try is looking at the FREECYCLE website.
    This is for people to give away items they dont want anymore, and/or ask for things they need that someone may be giving away.
    One of the main rules is that it is all FREE, nobody can ask for payment or for transport costs.
    This means that you usually have to collect any items yourself from the donor.
    The sites are split into local groups so offers are local to you, although you can join more than one group if you like.
    And yes Washing Machines often get offered.
    If you want to join or just take a look then start here:

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    On the subject on a 2nd hand one, also try Preloved and Gumtree, both FREE to advertise. May be a small price to pay. i got a desk for 10 and curtains for 10 and I had to ask for delivery (I can't drive) yeah you can get lucky.

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