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Thread: PIP Activity 4 - Washing and Bathing

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    PIP Activity 4 - Washing and Bathing

    Finally I'm getting something together to submit to DWP as supplementary information since my PIP2 was handwritten and not great. My main aim re PIP is to get the mobility component as I definitely meet the criteria for that but I am now looking at the daily living activities since I didn't pay much attention to them in my PIP2 submission. I think there are 4 activities for which I should get at least 2 points, which would give me standard rate daily living. If I was awarded enhanced mobility but no daily living rate I would not appeal/ask for MR re the decision, but I want to make sure I give the best possible picture of my difficulties re the daily living descriptors at the outset.

    This may seem a bit anal (no pun intended) but I have a question re washing and bathing. This activity tends to refer to wash/bathe with one descriptor being "Needs assistance to be able to get in or out of a bath or shower". My question is does this mean either of those - ie if you can get in and out of a shower but not a bath is the latter irrelevant because of the ability to do the former? I do not have a bath. I've never had a bath at my current property. I have not attempted to get in or out of a bath for years. I need aids to shower (I have a fold down seat in the shower and grab rails) and assistance to shower properly (wash my feet etc.) but can manage without assistance. But I don't know whether I could manage in a bath without assistance. I don't know what aids are available to get in and out of a bath. I certainly wouldn't attempt it. It probably doesn't matter as the only difference is 1 point and that is unlikely to affect my total daily living score in any way that matters so I'm mainly just curious about whether there is any distinction between bath and shower.

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    The wording in the regulations is "bath or shower" so it's either bath or shower. However, as the assessment is made taking into account any aid or appliance it is reasonable for you to use (under Regulation 4(2)(b) of The Social Security (Personal Independence Payment) Regulations 2013 (SI 2013/377)), you would likely be assessed as if you have a bath hoist or possibly a walk-in bath. If you can use your shower with a fold down seat and grab rails unaided, you would certainly be able to use the walk-in bath unaided and may well be able to use a bath hoist unaided (it depends whether you could swing your legs over the side of the tub whilst seated on the hoist).

    Before writing off this activity, it's worth thinking carefully about what you can manage by way of washing or bathing safely without assistance? If you have problems placing your feet down securely or are at risk of falls, that's relevant, as is restricted movement preventing you washing some body parts and a risk of falls when you bend over.

    The implication in what you write is that you already have one of the 2 point descriptors for this activity, which you agree with, and you are merely testing to see if there are any grounds for the 3 point descriptor you mention.

    Does that make sense? I'm rather weary this evening, so this might not be one of my clearest answers.

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    Yes that makes sense. I am testing the waters (pun intended ) to see whether 3 points is possible for that descriptor rather than the 2 I think I should be able to get just in case that extra point matters to the final score. When I use the shower I hold on to the grab rail and use it to help me get my bum onto the shower seat. I then use my hands to help swing my legs into the shower. I would not attempt to stand unaided in the shower as the chances of me falling are high.

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