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Thread: The 11 most senseless benefit sanctions decisions known to man

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    The 11 most senseless benefit sanctions decisions known to man

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    You could not make it up DizzyDee!!!
    I read of one man who got sanctioned for being at the hospital with his seriously ill little girl who was having treatment for cancer. He told the Jobcentre he had to be at the hospital and they still sanctioned him.
    The DWP were always a law unto themselves but under this (unelected) Goverment it has become worse. It is a cruel, uncaring regime we are living under. I see a return to the workhouses and debtors prisons. People are already taking their own lives, or dying through lack of care and support. In my opinion it is social cleansing under a different name.
    What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

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    I agree DD, I have also replied but it has gone for moderation although I do wonder whether they will let it be published.

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    Yes, this is a seriously backward looking unelected government that cannot see past it's own glory while in office. They all have offshore accounts for later in life.
    This delusional IDS always shouts down interviewers who dare to cite facts concerning the abuse of the poor and disabled.
    At every opportunity the Tory clowns oppose Europe (the only realistic hope).
    I feel so lucky to have the option of an alternative passport to the UK one. I am ashamed to say I am English.

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    I think it's really disgusting on how disabled people are getting treated by the DWP.

    It's annoying for me enough as it is having to be forced to attend a work focused interview at the Job Centre while I am only being paid the basic rate as in assessment rate of ESA without even being on the Work related activity group component!

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    Almost everyone on ESA is subject to Work Focused Interviews. The main exception are those in the Support Group.

    Those on the assessment rate are subject to WfIs.

    If you are not found to be Fit for Work when you undergo assessment, you will get the Work Related Activity Component or Support Component backdated to the 13th week of your claim.

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    Sorry and I know it won't be popular or go down well , but I can't agree with a lot of the comparisons stated on this thread , and bandied about on the internet, particularly references to social cleansing or references to Hitler concerning welfare and government policy.

    The UK has one of the best welfare and fairest welfare systems in the world. Not to mention free access to the NHS, and peace. It might not be perfect , but it's a huge system handling millions of claims , and changes for millions of people. Try any other country in Europe and see if you'd be better off, I very much doubt it, once you've allowed for housing benefit and tax credits.

    Look further afield at other countries where bombs are dropping on their homes, and family members are killed in an instant. Or to people living on the streets or working 18 hours per day in sweat shops in India to sew our cheap clothes and consumables . Or what about the people in China jumping out of windows of factories where our new technology like IPads and smart phones are manufactured. Then to say that in the UK people are badly off by comparison is I feel offensive.

    I didn't vote in this government either, nor do I agree with the way it has went about somethings but surely we can keep a bit of perspective here. Or have we become so self absorbed in our own fairly comfortable little bubbles by comparison that we've lost sight or forgotten what real harshness and poverty is about. Even the way poverty is measured in the UK by the Rowantree foundation is set at such a high level that it's lost it's meaning.

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    Well said.

    One thing I say to myself before phoning the DWP, Jobcentre, or Work programme provider is 'would I like to be doing their job'.

    Yes they sometimes get it wrong. Have you never made a mistake?
    Yes some can be abrupt when you talk to them, but if they have just spent half an hour talking to someone on the phone who is shouting at them, calling them a Hitler and other names then can you blame them for being a bit short?

    OK, I know that you are annoyed at the stupid letter you have just got but try to calm yourself down before you speak to them.
    It always goes better if you stay calm, ranting at people just puts their defences up and they stop listening to what you are trying to say.

    If you want a good tip then before you phone them take the time to sit down and write out just what is bugging you.
    You will find that doing this gets rid of your anger and clarifies what you need to say, not what you want to rant about.
    You will get better results this way.

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    the uk is the fourth most unfair country in the world with the few having all the wealth and that fact is never going to change.get rid off the tory and labour posh boys and bring in real people with real know how.we are borrowing more than we have ever borrowed but the tories keep telling us thing areheading the right way, its all political garbage.the posh boys dont and wont ever care about people on any kind of welfare...... come the glorious day brother.

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    One of the main reasons I like this forum is because it's full of practical advice and not political rants.

    Don't spoil it.

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