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Thread: I am having a really tough stressful time!

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    I am having a really tough stressful time!


    I am trying my best to get the stress out on constant weight training full on litually till my arms hurt so much, going out for walks, talking to people to talk about my problems but still I have anger!

    Blame my husbands carers allowance taking flipping forever to sort out and my ESA! GGGRRRRRR stressed!!! Oh yeah and the usual annoying people that annoy me in life. Jeez I feel like smacking them all. I can't stand idiots that annoy me that much!

    I don't help that I have aspergers and I sometimes can't cope with much pressure. I get angry very quickly on small annoying things!

    I used to be violent in the past but not anymore. so at least I can control that despite my disability!

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    Angry My dad don't care about me!

    My dad don't care about me anymore. It was ever since when my parents broke up years back.

    My dad in the past was a violent drunken alcoholic before I was born, but when I was born he stopped drinking. However! He was still violent and was going out with other woman. Yes was psychically abusing my mum and cheating on her by going out with other woman. Now since he split with my mum he then started to not bother on me. He don't make any effort to do father thing's with me while there's me that is making all the effort to do thing's with him. His behavior is annoying. When I see him he just pretends to care about me, but when I am not around he don't care. I don't even get a phone call off him. Now days it gives me the right to hate my dad so much!

    I am so annoyed at him that I never even invited him to my wedding because he won't ever turn up! I DONT EVER WANT TO SEE HIM EVER AGAIN HE IS DEAD TO ME NOW! BECAUSE YOU SPLIT UP WITH MY MUM IT DONT MEAN THAT YOU ABANDON ME TOO I HATE YOU DAD!

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